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Jennie - May 30, 2007 - Report this comment

I knew I didn't imagine it! The priazzo was so yummy. Why ever did they get rid of it?

Greg - August 16, 2007 - Report this comment

The Priazzo Milano was my favorite -- I believe it was pepperoni and sausage. I do remember it was the best thing ever, and I was really surprised and upset that they stopped offering it.

David - August 26, 2007 - Report this comment

i especially love the meatball priazzo!!!

Barton - October 24, 2007 - Report this comment

My uncle worked at Pizza Hut when Priazzo was sold, and that was the best- anyone daft enough to call in a Priazzo order and not pick it up meant that he got a freebie. I thought many a time about calling in fake orders just so we could have some. My parents still have a Priazzo cutter from Pizza Hut- I wish they'd bring it back...

Daniel Slack - October 30, 2007 - Report this comment

Priazzo Falso Deep Dish Recipe By Daniel Slack In 1985, Pizza Hut unveiled a pizza that was flavorful and filling. 4 years later none of their restaurants were serving them anymore. Over the years, I have experimented diligently to find a reasonable facsimile there of. I believe I have found it. I made it one night for dinner to unveil it, and everyone was impressed. Some had never had a Priazzo, some had it years ago, and everyone said it was the best pizza they ever had (those included people from Philadelphia, Boston, New York, and Chicago). I named the recipe Priazzo Falso, Falso being Italian for imitation. I have included a type list of Priazzo ingredients for reproduction of favorites. I have also improved on the sauces and dough, so my version may even surpass the original in flavor and texture. FYI: There is an intermediate layer of dough in the Priazzo Torte that I count toward the total layers. It is also important to note that layering is strictly important. Separating the cheese layers with meat before adding the wet ingredients (i.e. peppers, mushrooms, or what have you) will improve texture. Try to use fresh vegetables too. It prevents hydration of dry ingredients that can occur. For added flavor try fire roasting any vegetable that will be used. Also, an improvement to the sauce is to make a big batch and let it cook for six hrs or more. GOOD SAUCE TAKES TIME, and if stored properly, last for months. I prefer the 6 Cheese Medium blend on average. I include various cheese blends that I deemed successful. I do a Greek style Priazzo I call Romioi. Its filler mixture has Feta cheese, Gyro meat (a kind of meat roasted on a vertical rotisserie typically lamb or beef marinated in garlic, onion, marjoram, rosemary, salt and black pepper), tabouli (finely chopped parsley, mint, tomato, scallion, lemon juice, black pepper, cinnamon, and allspice), and olives. It uses a special green sauce consisting of green tomatoes, tzatziki (made of strained yogurt, seeded and finely diced cucumbers, garlic, salt, vinegar, dill, and parsley), and olive oil sauce. It is very enjoyable both cold and hot. The name is derived from the Turkish word Rumelia or Rumeli, meaning the land of Romioi (the land of Greeks) Also, I use a heatsink, you will want to experiment with the technique without one. Maybe try pre-baking the vegetables and meat and then layering them while still warm, adding the cold cheese in-between the layers. Priazzo Types of Priazzo Priazzo (classic 2-decker - 1 inner layer of fillings) Priazzo Torte (3-5 decker - 3 inner layers of fillings) Deutsche (sliced knockwurst and sauerkraut) Roma (pepperoni, beef, pork, onions, mushrooms, Italian sausage) Milano (pepperoni, beef, pork, Italian sausage, bacon bits) Verona (sliced meatballs, onions, green peppers) Florentine (five cheeses, regular Cheddar, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Romano, and Parmesan - combined with ham and spinach) Napoli (four cheeses: Mozzarella, Cheddar, Romano, and Parmesan - topped off with a layer of freshly sliced tomatoes) Portofino (Italian sausage links, onions, green peppers) Romioi (Gyro meat, tabouli, olives, onions, garlic)(unique variant: green tomatoes, tzatziki and olive oil sauce) Various Cheese Blends Classic 3-Blend (Mozzarella, regular Cheddar, Monterrey Jack) Mild 3-Blend (Mozzarella, American, Loraine Swiss) Medium 6-Blend (Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Provolone, Parmesan, Romano) Sharp 4-Blend (sharp Cheddar, Edam, Romano, Parmesan) Priazzo Equipment for Priazzo: (Purchased from 1 Chefs Planet #598 Deep Dish Pizza Pan 2 Piece Set - Rustica (traditional Italian) Pan w/ Trimming Lid (Purchased from 1 AmNow #HS-999 Baking Heat sinks 40 pins 9" (22.9 cm) Point to Point. For 14" - 16" pizzas Pizza Sauce for Priazzo 4 (6 oz) cans tomato paste 1/2 cup Italian Chianti or any other dry red wine heated to 100 degrees 1/2 cup water 4 Tblsp grated Parmesan cheese 2 tsp minced garlic 1 Tblsp honey 1 Tblsp anchovy paste (optional) 1 Tblsp onion powder 2 tsp dried oregano 1/2 tsp dried marjoram 1/2 tsp dried basil 1/4 tsp ground black pepper 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper 1/8 tsp red pepper flakes Salt to taste Mix all ingredients and let sit at least 30 minutes and up to 1 day before using, stirring occasionally, and refrigerated if allowed to sit more than 1 hour. Makes enough sauce for two 12"-14" Priazzo Cheese Mix for Priazzo 3 3/4 cups shredded Mozzarella 1 cup shredded Monterey Jack 3/4 cup shredded Cheddar 1 cup shredded Provolone 3/4 cup tablespoons grated Parmesan 3/4 cup grated Romano Store mixture in air-tight container until used Italian Herb Mix for Priazzo Crust 2 tsp Dried oregano 1 tsp Dried basil 1 tsp Dried rosemary 1 tsp Dried thyme 1 tsp Dried sage 2 tsp Dried parsley or cilantro Store mixture in air-tight container until used Priazzo Crust 2 pkt dry yeast 1 2/3 cups warm water 2 tsp sugar 2 1/2 cups cold water 3 Tblsp corn oil 1/3 tsp garlic salt 1 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 cup Dry Italian herb mix 6 1/2 cup all-purpose flour 2 cups corn meal Soak corn meal in separate bowl 20 minutes in 1 cup of warm water prior to use. Soak Italian herb mix in 1/8 cup of water prior to use Sprinkle yeast over warm water and stir in the sugar. Let stand about 5 minutes or until very bubbly. Combine the remaining ingredients with about half of the flour, beating to a smooth batter. Combine yeast mixture, cornmeal mixture and the Italian herb mixture. Beat in the yeast mixture. Then with a sturdy spoon work in remaining flour until you can toss it lightly on a floured surface and knead it until it feels elastic in texture. The kneading may require about 3/4 cup additional flour, which you will be coating your hand with as you knead the dough. Don't let the dough become too stiff. Place it in a large plastic food bag or bowl. Be sure to spray inside with a cooking spray or wipe the inside of it with oil and place the ball of kneaded dough to rise until doubled in bulk. Be sure the plastic bag or bowl is large enough that it will permit the dough to double. You can place the bag or bowl of dough on a warm, sunny spot on the table or kitchen counter which helps it to rise. When dough has doubled, punch it down and shape it. Form the dough into a ball about six to eight inches wide. Using both hands, one on top of the other, press from the center outwards on it to start stretching it out, turning the dough a bit on each push. You can also pick up the dough and squeeze the edges of it while turning it like a steering wheel. This allows the weight of the dough to stretch it. Once the dough is about 1/2" thick all the way around, use a rolling pin to flatten it out to about 1/4" thick. Run the pin over once or twice, flip the dough over and give it a quarter turn and roll it again to make it even. Roll it till there is approximately 1/4 inch over lapping the pizza pan edge Take a fork and put puncture holes all over the dough. This keeps it from bubbling up while cooking. Transfer dough to the Deep Dish Pizza Pan that has been greased and dusted in cornmeal. Press over the bottom and up the sides of the pan. In a frying pan, brown any meat and vegetables you will be using in the Priazzo. Start stacking the ingredients starting with a layer of meat, sauce, then vegetable, then cheese, then meat, etc. Midway you can add a thin layer of crust half the size of the outside crust, being sure to coat it lightly with oil to limit moisture absorption. Proceed to continue the layering process until you reach the top of the pie. Cover each pie with dough that has also been punctured all over with a fork; crimp edges to seal. Add the sauce and topping ingredients, spreading each ingredient evenly over the dough. Let this rise about 20 minutes in a warm place and then bake at 350, about 45 to 60 minutes, til brown and crisp. I cook one Priazzo at a time on center rack of the preheated oven for consistency of product.

Bruce Fernandes - October 30, 2007 - Report this comment

I watched my local Pizza Hut make its Priazzo Roma which was my favorite. In order for the crusts to cook properly they used a round with three thick pins, triangular. They used 3-4 and it looks like its intended use was to suspend the inner crust above for proper cooking. When the pizza was taken out these rounds would be removed and presumably the crust was allowed to fall onto the other crust. I think this was the secret to allowing the double crust priazzo to properly cook. Without suspending the crust in this manner it would be almost impossible for the inner crust to cook properly with wet incredients inside including the meats, cheese, veggies, etc. I was told the priazzo was too labor intensive and it was two to three dollars more but wow the Priazzo Roma which was a meat lovers was heaven.

ken woodrum - December 26, 2007 - Report this comment

you are all wrong and when i have more time i will prove my point. the floentine was the best and the napoli a close 2nd

Kevin - January 11, 2008 - Report this comment

I loved all the Priazzo pizzas, and think we should send email to Pizza Hut requesting that they bring them back. Just go to Pizza Hut's web site's 'Contact Us' link (provided below), and request that they consider bringing them back (it can't hurt to try, and who knows, they just might...) Here's their link:

Joe - April 25, 2008 - Report this comment

The Priazzo used what was more or less like a steel rake, rolled into a disk. The premise was to allow the metal to conduct heat to the inside of the pie, so that it would cook completely. Man, I miss Priazzos. :-(

Chris - May 08, 2008 - Report this comment

The Priazzo was FAB !! I cannot believe that Pizza Hut has not brought that back. McDonald's brings back the McRib sandwich every once in a while.....why not Pizza Hut and the Priazzo. PLEASE EVERYBODY....Send a request to Pizza Hut. Ant to all of you about which one you liked best....THEY WERE ALL YUMMY !!!

Cris - June 24, 2008 - Report this comment

I used to work at Pizza Hut when we made the Priazzo....GOD THEY WERE GOOD!!!! I so miss them, and still think about it to this day. And by the way, Joe is right. To cook the pies properly (all the way through) a disk of spikes were inserted into the pies before cooking. The size of the disk depended on how big the pie you bought was. Right before the Priazzo disappeared Pizza Hut also offered a Calzone which we had steel strips with 3 spike on them. The Calzones required to strips to cook properly due to the size...Man those Calzones were awsome too... But I've noticed that not only has Pizza Hut gotten rid of Priazzos and Calzones but the quality of ALL the pizzas have really gone down hill since the early 90s. The thin and crispy is now just thin and hard, the pan pizza is just greasy. You can't get a small pizza delivered at all and most of the restaurants don't even offer the supream sandwich. I can't think of another Pizza company that does not offer their entire menu on delivery. Only Pizza Hut limits itself on delivery and by the way, Pizza Hut used to be my favorite chain, now I just feel the price is just way to much for the quality you get... Just my feelings, but DAMN, I still miss my Priazzo.

Neasy - September 13, 2008 - Report this comment

I would so love for this creation to comeback. I think that it will make Pizza Hut more successful. I was really upset that they stop making it. I stop eating at Pizza Hut when they stop making the Priazzo. Let's pray that it can be reborn.

Valerie - October 17, 2008 - Report this comment

I too am a lover of the Priazzo!! It was almost 20 years ago but is still one of my better food experiences. I have emailed the company for YEARS begging for the return of this wonderful dish. I think Kevin was right. We all need to email and request it.

Dennis from Anchorage - December 03, 2008 - Report this comment

I have to agree. The Priazzo was the best dish I've ever seen from Pizza Hut -- maybe the best Italian dish I've ever had. That said, I'm going to make one tonight.

david - December 17, 2008 - Report this comment

I, too, worked at Pizza Hut when these were made. And miss them dearly. I also think the entire company was MUCH better back then. Heck... even the advertizing was much better. Just watch the commercials linked on this page. The Priazzo was truly creative and original. Now look at what they offer as "NEW"... the Panormous. Yay... A Square Pan pizza,, whoa.. now that's innovative... NOT. One other thing about the Priazzo that I haven't seen mentioned is that the crust itself was different. It had a gritty cornmeal crust. I fear that the problem with bringing something like this back might be cost prohibitive because each restaurant would need so many new pans and "spike-discs". The Priazzo was made in an entirely different type of pan. I'm with most of you though... Pizza Hut has become the poster-boy for "ordinary pizza". I don't even go there anymore.

Darin - December 19, 2008 - Report this comment

I too worked at PH in the late 1980's. This was a fav of mine...Milano and the Florentine. It seemed like it was a product before it's time. I think if PH would have called it "Pizza Hut Stuffed" or something like that it may have still been around. Also, I think people would rather choose their toppings. You could only have items held and could not substitute or add other items to these. Something to do with the recipe copyright. If anyone finds a place to purchase the pins used to cook the inside, please let me know. The pan is pretty easy to find in most kitchen stores as it is simply a thin teflon coated pan. I agree about the Panormous pizza...wasn't it called "Big Foot" before? Pizza Hut also used to have great sandwiches...Ham & Cheese, Supreme, and Italian Sausage. Pizza Hut has become an airport and gas station pizza to me. Had a great time working there...but it's definitely changed for the oridinary.

Darin - December 20, 2008 - Report this comment

The Priazzo's available were: Milano - meatlovers by today's terms Verona - meatballs and mushrooms Napoli - ??? don't recall what was in that one Florentine - premix of spinach and ?ricatta cheese I'm watching ebay for the pan/pins as I am hungry to make one.

Till - January 28, 2009 - Report this comment

I am another former employee from the late 80's. I loved those Priazzos so much! We would all go into together and purchase one for our breaks occasionally. I have thought for many years how to recreate this delish dish in my own kitchen. I am definately going to try this above recipe and see if I can relive a bit of my youth. I agree with others about the "pins" used was to conduct heat to cook the pie completely. So...with that in mind, I have heard that you can put a clean ungalvanized nail into a baked potato while it is in the oven to make it cook faster....I believe this concept would also work with a priazzo. You could place clean nails around the pie before thought I would share....does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Gigi - January 30, 2009 - Report this comment

I remember these! I loved eating them. They ahd to be a billion calories. I was a teenager so didn't care about calories, fat, cholasteral., etc.

Carol - March 18, 2009 - Report this comment

I have been looking for recipes for the Priazzo's for years. Does anyone have an actual recipe with the ingredients and the amount used? Please, Everyone email Pizza Hut and ask them to bring these wonderful pizza's back!! They were my favorite of any pizza's I have ever had. If we all email them, maybe they will bring them back. Let's try.

Chelsea - March 31, 2009 - Report this comment

I'm curious, the priazzo sounds very similar to a calzone that they do serve today. Am I wrong?

RJ - July 19, 2009 - Report this comment

I loved the Priazzo Milano. Our two-year-old nephew called them azzos which really sounded baaad.

AndyG - September 02, 2009 - Report this comment

Yes, they should bring Priazzo's back and, yes, Pizza Hut has down downhill over the years - so much so we would rather visit our local independent pizza shop where they are freshly made and are far better than PH. I think I'll ask them to look into making them when I next visit - which might be today, as I'm now salivating at the thought of a Priazzo Milano ... ummmmmm...sllluuuurrrppp... :-)

marly - September 10, 2009 - Report this comment

There are some foods that are so delicious that you never forget them. The Priazzo is one of those. Absolutely the best product Pizza Hut ever put out. Why did they discontinue them? It defies logic. The meatball version was heaven on Earth. As I am allergic to wheat and yeast I could never have it again, but I think everyone should have an opportunity to taste one before they die!

Ray - September 22, 2009 - Report this comment

Pizza Hut use to be the bomb... then they changed the recipes and dropped the Priazzo. I have tried going back over the years and was always dissapointed. When I crave pizza the name Pizza Hut never even comes to mind. I don't think I would go if the pizza was free. This is sad, being they use to be my favorite.

Norma - January 02, 2010 - Report this comment

Email Pizza Hut and request they bring this 80's pizza pie back. I too loved it!

When it first debuted, Priazzo was the greatest Italian dish at any American restaurant. When it first came out, there were 3 types; the ROMA, MILANO and NAPOLI. It was avaiable in one size, a 12" 6-cut. It had it's own specific dough which had cornmeal in it, and it's own specific sauce which was very thick, dark spiced and rich. The cheese was a half mozz, and half cheddar. They literally couldn't make them fast enough. They were labor intensive, but for $12-$13 a piece back in 1986 they were very profitable, and became HUGE sellers. Then, the morons at the controls of the HUT ruined it all. Being so labor intensive, you wanted to make dozens of them ahead of time to have ready to put in the oven when ordered, or you could get behind really fast. The corporate brainiacs decided to expand the menu to include 6 differently stuffed Priazzos, and also 3 different sizes ( adding a 4-cut and 8-cut ). NOW, there were so many combinations of Priazzos available that you couldn't afford to make what you thought you might need in advance. The kitchens got backed up quickly. Then, they brought out the dreadful "Hand Tossed" Pizza, and decided to water down the Priazzo by using the new "Triple Cheese Blend" from the Hand-Tossed pizza( mozz, cheddar, and Monterey Jack ). Later, they got rid of the Priazzo specific cornmeal dough and replaced it with the THIN'N CRISPY dough. By now, your Priazzo took forever to be assembled, and tasted nothing like it did in it's original format. It died in the early 1990's. I opened a new PIZZA HUT prototype store in late 1990, and my store was sadly among the first not to sell it at all. IF there is anyone at PIZZA HUT corp with brains these days, you'd do well to bring it back in it's original format, and then leave it alone. It's sad to think of the quality that PIZZA HUT once had with items like PRIAZZO, and then look at the garbage like "BIGFOOT" that ruined the brand's premium image.

Phil - April 15, 2010 - Report this comment

I have emailed Pizza Hut about bringing the Priazzo back.It was THE Best pizza they ever made. I did find a local pizza place in Winsted, CT that made a similar pizza in the late 90's. I moved away so not sure if they still make it. I always loved it the next morning also. It was very filling so worth the extra price. Wish I could get one now. It would be SOOOOOO Much better than the pizzas that are out there now. PIZZA HUT BRING BACK THE PRIAZZO!!!!!!!

Frankie Carducci - July 24, 2010 - Report this comment

Wasnt nuthin better than a PRIAZZO MILANO! FAHGEDDABOUTIT. Bring it back, ya stoopid HUMPS!

Sparkina - November 27, 2010 - Report this comment

An 89s delicacy! And I do mean DELICACY! that was one delish dish!!!

D Day - January 14, 2011 - Report this comment

The Priazzo Roma was the best. Ah, sitting in a corner booth with my girlfriend (now my wife), eating a Roma and talking about our future. Nuttin' better.

Anissa - February 11, 2011 - Report this comment

Can someone please convince Pizza Hut to sale this pizza again. I am 37 and still think of this pizza. It was hands down the best pizza I ever had. Pizza Hut's pizza is not as good anymore so I am sure sales are down. This is a for sure way to generate profits. BRING IT BACK PIZZA HUT!!!!!!! PLEASE, I AM BEGGING YOU!

Frank - March 10, 2011 - Report this comment

I worked at the first ever Pizza Hunt in Manchester, UK way back in 1985. It was my first job. I remember having to answer the phone: "Pizza Hut, home of the Priazzo Italian pie and deep pan pizza. Frank speaking, how may I help you." Memories.

Jade - March 12, 2011 - Report this comment

I miss this Priazzo Pizza so very much. Really wish they would bring it back. Definitely good memories and I can still remember the wonderful taste. I liked them all but agree that the Milano pie was the best. Their calzone's are NOTHING like the Priazzo Pie and have no taste without drowning them in sauce. HEY PIZZA HUT - BRING BACK THE PRIAZZO! PLEASE!

Chad - April 01, 2011 - Report this comment

A good memory! My friend and I went to PH often in high school to get a Priazzo. Was reminiscing and came across all of these great 80s memories. Thanks for sharing!

jeremy - April 23, 2011 - Report this comment

simply the best pizza ever just why pizza hut took it off their menu i will never know . It should have its own franchise , come on pizza hut rerelease it please

Dave - July 20, 2011 - Report this comment

Digornio used to have something similar to the Priazzo Milano. But like Piza Hut they quit making them. The Priazzo Milano was so good ,that even if I wasnt hungry id eat more because it tasted so great.

Christine - September 24, 2011 - Report this comment

I also used to work at Pizza Hut when they served Priazzos..OMGOSH they were so yummy. I wish they would bring them back too. We were lucky when we worked there our boss would let us make them even after they were discontinued...ahhhh I could go for one right now!!!! mouth watering PLEASE BRING THEM BACK PIZZA HUT!!!!P.S. I also remember when an order of breadstix was .99 lol

Fabian - December 22, 2011 - Report this comment

Closest thing I have seen to this pizza has been the Papa Murphy's Stuffed Pizzas. Of course, it is not the same, but it gets me by.

Ike - December 27, 2011 - Report this comment

Growing up in Las Vegas in the mid 80's, i recall coming home from the army on leave and ravishing the Priazzo Milano with good friends. man, like all of you have said, that was the best pizza ever! Very fond memories from those times and that Priazzo...

Alex - December 31, 2011 - Report this comment

If the priazzo was to return back into the Pizza Hut restaurants, I would be very excited and I believe that other younger people would be happy to enjoy it because some of them also like the 1980's music to enjoy forever. I sure miss that Priazzo, like I'm lost in the eighties.

Linda - January 04, 2012 - Report this comment


Amanda - January 16, 2012 - Report this comment

I would say bring back the priazzo, but in Louisiana almost all of our stand-alone Pizza Hut francchises are closed due to bad business. Now we can only get what's offered at one that's attached to a KFC or a Taco Bell or a Long John Silver's. Which bites, becuase I L-O-V-E-D priazzos.

Chuck - January 30, 2012 - Report this comment

Wondering how to get these tasty pies back on the market? It'll never happen, unfortunately. The almighty dollar is more important to corporate america (intentional mis-casing) than making customers happy. So disgusted with society.

Mitch - March 10, 2012 - Report this comment

People, the reason why this was discontinued is because of the high price ($15 in 1985!!!) and because it required so much time to prepare and bake. It stopped up the kitchens slowing up all other orders.

Dee Dee - April 12, 2012 - Report this comment

OMG...I remember eating Priazzo's almost every weekend. So, so delicious!!! There used to be a place called, "Ianaggies" or something like it that used to make them back in the 80's where I'm from. I really missed the taste also.

Dave - April 16, 2012 - Report this comment

The Priazzo is the best pizza ever made. When I was in the Navy back in 86, I'd ride the bus from NAS Oceana to Virginia Beach once a week to dine at Pizza Hut. I'd order one small Priazzo Roma or Florentine which at the time cost a little over six dollars. Too bad they don't make these anymore.

Dave-UK - April 17, 2012 - Report this comment

I remember the priazzo verona. It really was the BEST pizza pie EVER. Pizza Hut in the UK is now dire. Quality is poor and there is nothing to recommend this low rate chain restaurant. If Pepsico (or their Yum restaurants arm) were interested in giving customers quality rather than cheap rubbish, they would bring it back. It may cost more than a normal pizza, but people will pay for a quality product!

amy - April 25, 2012 - Report this comment

Oh, man -- today's Pizza Hut blows compared to the Pizza Hut of the past. :) I used to love the calzones that were made at the Pizza Hut in our shopping mall back in the 80's. The cheese one was SOOOO good. The flavor -- something I've never been able to recreate! Ricotta and... something. Something GOOD. Man. If anyone had an idea of what went into those... give me a tip! lavachickie at gmail dot com.

Chymia Ingram - August 08, 2012 - Report this comment

Pizza hut please can y'all consider bringing those deep dishes bk if not just for a limit of time I promise y'all can't go wrong!!!!

Louise B - September 25, 2012 - Report this comment

Flippin' heck! We were just chatting about this the other night ... Lord, I wish Pizza Hut would bring these back! Priazzo Verona is the one we're dreaming of! Or at least, post a recipe I can follow!!!

Ted - February 13, 2013 - Report this comment

I dated a girl who didnt like Priazzo as much as pizza....dated as in past tense

Rita - February 23, 2013 - Report this comment

Ah, the Priazzo...I remember that delicious delicacy. I ate so many of those while I was expecting my first child. Pizza Hut, at least run a special!

reeza - March 02, 2013 - Report this comment

been dreaming of these babies since the 80's!

LindaG - June 20, 2013 - Report this comment

I've been meaning to look this up on the internet for a couple of yrs. bcause I too loved it back in the day. I remember eating it for the first time - and it was the meatlover's rendition. As I was chewing and savoring my first bite, with the small meatballs and other morsels, the thin inner crust, the outer crust, the mix of cheeses & stuff on top...I remember thinking this was the best thing I'd ever had in my life. Periodically I'll reminisce and my mouth will water and I can almost taste it. At least I'm not alone here ... I noticed the first post was May of 2007 and here in 2013 it is still being discussed. I'm gonna try out Daniel Slack's version from above. I'm going to make tiny meatballs (sausage) & seasoned gr. beef as a separate group from the sausage in the microwave. I do this anyway for other dishes and it is the only way to go to get uniform, tender meatballs with minimal mess ... just need patience to roll the meat so small. I cook them on a bacon cooker designed for the microwave (it has rows that are sunken down half-circle to hold the meat & a "mote" around the edge to catch the grease as it cooks out & runs down the rows & empties into the mote). Personally, I don't think PH is what it used to be but still has the best tasting sauce & best crust of any of the chains out there ... Pizza Inn's sauce is killer good IMHO. Would love to know any secret/key ingredients in either of these of their sauce. When I make Daniel's Priazzo...Milano, I think...I'll post the results in case anyone may be curious. And, Pizza Hut, if you're out there listening, PLEASE bring it back to least for a while so I can stock my freezer!!

MikeS - July 19, 2013 - Report this comment

I emailed Pizza Hut to see if I can get their recipe. I can't get it out of my head they were so good.

DogFather - July 23, 2013 - Report this comment

Priazzo was the greatest thing I ever tasted!!! The meatball was the greatest followed by the meat lovers. I wish I had one now! !

Kay - October 27, 2013 - Report this comment

Had a group of friends that got together each weekend for priazzos and beer. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Sure would like to see Pizza Hut bring them back. I would definitely buy them again

Bill A - November 12, 2013 - Report this comment

I finally looked up this pizza after telling my son how PH used to make the best stuffed pie. Oh, the memories! Now, he believes me.

Jon S - November 24, 2013 - Report this comment

I worked at Pizza Hut in the late 80's for about year before they were phased out. They had a special dough for the priazzo's that was similar to the thin crust dough but with corn meal added. In the last few months before they pulled the plug on it the just used the thin crust dough to make it. There has been some question here about the found spiky thigy that was used to make it. It was not used to prop up the top layer as some speculated. It was a heat sink, which was necessary to bake it in a reasonable time in the conveyer ovens that most PH restaurants use. As I've figured out in recent years you can obtain the same results just by baking it in the oven as you would a chicken pot pie (fresh, not frozen). You can also get a product even better that PH just by using fresh ground beef, sausage and veggies of choice. Although it was a good idea and product it was still made with the same crappy topping PH was using on their pizzas at the time (ground beef and pork looked like moist rabbit pellets).

dawn marie - December 27, 2013 - Report this comment

I remember when I was a little girl. .I just loved when my mom took me & my sister to pizza hut for this priazzo Italian can we get pizza hut to bring this delicious pie back?

Charlie - April 01, 2014 - Report this comment

Sorry I missed out on this one!

m - June 11, 2014 - Report this comment

I had this for the first time in St. Louis, MO on Halloween night in 1986. It's not just nostalgia (though it helps). They really were superior to pretty much any chain pizza you can get. Such a shame that there isn't anything like it now.

Kevin J. - August 02, 2014 - Report this comment

OMG!! I pizza EVER! My ex-wife used to work at a Pizza Hut in Norwood, OH back in 1986-1988...we would enjoy a Priazzo at least once or twice a week!! I would go and help her close just to get one!!! I am almost in tears thinking of it...

lisa hemphill - August 05, 2014 - Report this comment

please bring it back!!!!

Kris - August 28, 2014 - Report this comment

The Priazzo was a time consuming nightmare to make and only a small fraction of customers ordered it. Those who ordered it also loved it...But it was not enough in numbers to justify keeping it on the menu. That's why it's gone and most likely will never return. (I also used to work for pizza hut) From an employee standpoint I say thank God! Because those steel pins used for proper cooking were a NIGHTMARE to clean afterwards.

Joan H - November 05, 2014 - Report this comment

My husband and I also loved the priatzzo. He was 65 at that time, and would not eat pizza because it was "no good for you". But we did eat the priatzzo every week. It was covered in tomatoes. We LOVED it! He turns 90 this year so hope they hurry!

Mike - November 10, 2014 - Report this comment

I'm with Kevin who posted back in August. My ex-wife worked in a pizza hut back in the mid 80's and she'd bring a free one "wasted" home every night she worked. It was the happiest time of our relationship. lol Just kidding she was a great person.

Mike - November 10, 2014 - Report this comment

I saw a news story on Facebook reporting that Pizza Hut was totally revamping their restaurants and pizza's. I immediately reminisced about the delicious Priazzo Pizza and how awesome it would be if they brought it back to their menu. Looking it up brought me to this forum. The post's here reminded me of the awesome times going to Pizza Hut before hanging out at the rollerskating rink. We'd order a a Priazzo and laugh and carry on. I can almost taste it just thinking about it!!! How awesome would it be if they brought it back? Even for a limited engagement. We can always hope.

Raiders757 - November 12, 2014 - Report this comment

I worked at Pizza Hut back then as well, and yes, like Kris said, it was time consuming to make. It created a slow down on the line, but at the same time, I enjoyed making them. They were awesome, and it wasn't like that many were ordered at one time. Still, just the same as the thin and crispy pizza, you had to break your rhythm from making pan pizzas. The crust had to go through the rollers, and your pie actually had to be made with a little TLC to come out right.

Dave of VA - January 31, 2015 - Report this comment

8 years of people reminiscing about the best pizza ever. Every few years I have a serious craving for that multi layer pie that PH used to sell, what was it called. This morning I just found it and this page, Priazzo. BRING IT BACK PLEASE! That was the best thickest yummiest chain pizza ever made hands down.

claire/ Mt. Pleasant, SC - February 16, 2015 - Report this comment

Wow!! Brings me back to 1986 when it was like Christmas when my dad would let us order a Priazzo pizza from The Hut. Roma was my favorite. Gosh I can still smell and taste that goldmine of flavor. Wish they had never discontinued it... Really brings me back to the 80's and also makes me think of another trend not so popular: "New co*ke." Also in 1985 the "McDLT." Good times of days past!!!

tanya - April 15, 2015 - Report this comment

I also was a pizza hut employee when the priazzo came out and still there when they stopped making them and yes they were the best ever. they were so heavy and we brought them out on a round wooden pie server with handle and cut them at the table to the size the customer wanted them cut inside the restaurant. I miss them too! by the end of my shift my arm and hand were really sore.

anonymous - April 26, 2015 - Report this comment

I'm sure it was a great pizza pie for it's time. It really sounds great, and I am disappointed that I must have been only 7 years of age when this priazzo came out and I never had a chance to try it. However, I have worked as a server for Pizza Hut off and on for 4 of the last 7 years. They are not the same kind of company that they were in 1985. They have expanded dramatically in the last 30 years. The product has been dumbed down and much less emphasis has been put on the overall quality and preparation of their products. This pizarro pizza would never even come close to the original, even if they(Pizza Hut) gave it their very best effort. No bs what so ever. Its the absolute truth!!

Becky - June 03, 2015 - Report this comment

I want itit back I tell my kids about it and they think I'm crazy bring it back please so I can let my kids enjoy the taste of it awsome

80s PH employee - July 27, 2015 - Report this comment

I'm amazed so many people remember the short-lived pizza. I'm another employee from this era and remember them very well. At least, for the Pizza Hut that I worked at. The pin was a heatsink that was used to help cook the pizza. So this gentleman is correct. I don't remember the dough being any different, but then we only had the Priazzo for a year or so before they were discontinued. They were one of our most popular sellers and no one ever understood why they were discontinued. Of course, since we were in rural Virginia, effectively off the map, we never got the full story on anything that was going on. As I recall, we had one that was all cheese (I want to say five types) filled, with sauce and sliced tomatoes on top. This was called the Napoli. The Roma, I believe, was meat and cheese filled, with at least five types of meat inside. The Milano was the vegetable filled one. The Florentine, one of the last ones we serve, was the spinach filled one. Of these, I don't really remember well because we tended to sell more of the Napoli whenever I worked. I think the Roma had meatballs on top but I really can't remember the others. I only remember serving one Florentine. I'm not sure why they said they were labor-intensive or anything like that. They did not seem to take any longer to make than a regular pizza and cooked in about the same length of time. I don't even remember any specific measurements for the Napoli because we simply put the dough when to form a pie-like crust, filled it almost to the top with cheeses, then sealed it like a pie, trimming off any excess crust, spread a layer of tomato sauce across the top, put approximately 4 to 6 slices of fresh tomato on top, stuck the heatsink in, and perforated it a few times so that it would not bubble up unsightly. Then we stuck it on the oven conveyor belt and when it came out it was done. The meats were measured by cups and mix together without any set pattern. If anything, the hardest part was taking it out to the table and cutting it there, in front of the customers. Of course, this was for the one that I worked at and it's possible that there was no set pattern for all Pizza Hut's to follow. I know that ours definitely had some different rules that were not enforced until a new district manager took over. Which happens to be the same time that they changed the menu and I left. Within a year after I left, the local Pizza Hut business dropped off dramatically. We went from being SRO on Friday and Saturday nights down to a Wednesday night crowd and the rest of the time they were almost empty. Even today, I can pass by and never find a parking lot full. This is because someone higher up the ladder decided to put profits in front of customers and change the quality of the meats, cheeses, and other products. It has improved some, but is still far from what it used to be. Because of this, I hate to say that if they do bring it back it will not be the same flavor that we remember. Even the pizzas today are nowhere close to what they used to be. Darn it, now I'm craving another one. LOL

Becca - August 27, 2015 - Report this comment

Please bring back the Prizzo Italian Pie. I loved this. Ate it the whole time I was pregnant. My son loves pizza cause I ate it all the time. This was back in 87. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!

also 80's employee - September 26, 2015 - Report this comment

I was also an employee during this time. Priazzo Italian Pies as they were called were pretty good sellers in our restaurant. They were favorites among the employees as well. I still remember how we had to answer our phones. "Thank you for calling (your pizza hut name here) Would you like to try our new Priazzo Italian Pie?" When I first started at Pizza Hut everything was so good. Priazzos (any kind) and Cavatinis were my personal favorite. I watched as everything was changed and was no longer as good as it use to be. For the few years I was there the pizza sauce changed 4 times alone and each time it got worse. Once conveyor belt ovens came along everything went down hill. I had some great times there though. I ate more free good than I should have but I also worked far more hours than I should have off the clock.

also 80's employee - September 26, 2015 - Report this comment

I would also like to say that there are a few discrepancies about the type of dough used and so on here. The truth is that the Priazzo recipe changed and progressed over time. There were also different recipes depending upon the type of ovens that your pizza hut had. Even though there was a nation wide launch, some PHs had the Priazzo well before others. As a matter of fact during the nation wide launch I visited some friends in Pennsylvania. One PH in the town I visited had the Priazzo and the other PH in that town did not. It was due to get it two months later. The same was also true in that town for the Cavatini.

Scott - November 12, 2015 - Report this comment

It's good to see that so many others also think this was the best pizza ever! My family and I talk about it every now and then and I can picture it and remember the taste like it was yesterday. The Priazzo is one thing from my childhood I will never forget because pizza time ment the whole family went out to eat together. Loved it! It needs to come back!!

dave - November 20, 2015 - Report this comment

The priazzo was a great menu item. The main reason they were taken off was do to food waste cost. A separate sauce had to be made, a separate batch of dough also. As good as they were, they were expensive compared to the rest of the menu and to sell a handful over a day compared to pan pizzas was a no brainer to save money with the amount of dough being tossed every day along with the bucket of sauce after a few days. Over time, the heat conducting pins would wear out and would stick to the cheese when being pulled out when it came out of the oven and just made a mess. Great product, just wasn't a money maker.

Todd - November 28, 2015 - Report this comment

absolutely my favorite pizza. Please bring it back Pizza Hut, if you had it, i would never order from any other pizza shop

rodney woodbury - December 10, 2015 - Report this comment

I wish Pizza Hut would bring back these awesome pies! I hate the menu that Pizza Hut now has. I won't even go for the all you can eat buffet. I would rather order a $20.00 specialty pizza, from any other pizza restaurant, than go back to Pizza Hut. Now, if they brought the PRIAZZOS back, then I wouldn't mind paying $20.00 for a PRIAZZO! It would be well worth the price!

Wiley Robinson - December 19, 2015 - Report this comment

I've thought about these for the past 30 years! I loved Priazzo and really miss it. I am wondering if someone has a picture or can draw what the steel pin device looked like. I never eat in Pizza Hut now because it's so awful but I'd love to try to make this at home. I just need to understand how it was made. Can't be that hard. Great tips here, like the corn meal in the dough.

chef james - December 31, 2015 - Report this comment

i was telling my young apprentices about the best pizza hut pizza ever , it was when i was about 14 in '84 ....i couldn't remember the whole name till i google searched and found this seems i am not the only one who remembers these masterpieces , i remember that the pie was very very heavy and i could only eat about three pieces, when i could normally eat about 14 when it was all you can eat pan pizza,...HAHAHAHAHAH.....SUFFICE TO SAY IT WAS AWESOME AND I MISS THEM .

Les the pizza boy - January 01, 2016 - Report this comment

Loved this pie. Miss this pie. Want this pie..oh well. My biggest problem with PH is that all of the dough is commisary now( frozen as a puck, then proofed) . Just before i quit they were going to commisary for the pan, the last holdout of the actual dough. I remember having to make thin crust because the trucks were late with our commisary. It was just flat out bettrr pizza. And i dont even order pan now because it is such an inferior product. I would love to see this come back , but it will never hapoen. I am sad now.

Cathy - February 16, 2016 - Report this comment

OMG the Napoli Priazzo was my favorite I can't figure for the life of me WHY they stopped making the Priazzo's! To say it did not sell I don't believe it, what a flashback to the foods from the 80's.

Dennis Nayland Smith - June 19, 2016 - Report this comment

I have read many comments regarding why Pizza Hut discontinued this product. Yes we all loved the priazzo and ironically, its popularity was also its undoing. During its peak, the priazzo was a tremendous success. At the end of one of its commercials, the narrator made the statement, "and it's selling like hotcakes". But there was one hitch; it took too long to make and since most people who were eating at Pizza Huts across the US were ordering a priazzo, most of the cooks had to devote an inordinate amount of time to make all these priazzos. This meant that their profit margin was not as high as that for their regular pizzas and PH was forced to discontinue this item. What I never understood is, considering the millions of dollars PH spent to promote this product, why they never considered the time factor involved. I guess in the mid 80s, market research was not very thorough. Who remembers New co*ke?

Edward Boll - June 28, 2016 - Report this comment

My first priazzo was in August of 1985 in Madison,SD. My last October 5, 1987 in Thunder Bay, Ontario on our honeymoon. I used to think that Pizza Hut would bring them back. Oh to taste one again. Working at Pizza Hut in the 90's, my manager said that they were good but hard to bake through. My children have no idea what I mean when I talk about them.

Saundra Powell - September 12, 2016 - Report this comment

I can't believe there is a whole thread about the priazzo!!I have been thinking about this pizza for many years I am 43.This was the best pizza I have ever tasted in my entire life. I am a foodie I have tasted pizza all over the world and none of them compare. I would love for them to bring the pizza back.

Darryl York - October 26, 2016 - Report this comment

I was just watching Travel Channel with a show on stuffed pizza. It brought back memories of the Priazzo. In the '80's my wife and I(girlfriend then)would go to Pizza Hut at least once a weekend. When the Priazzo came out I loved it. Our favorite was the one with lots of cheese,tomatoes, and mushrooms. We were very saddened when PH stopped serving it. I really wish they would start making them again. Does anyone know of other Pizza places that serves something similar to the Priazzo? Thanks to everyone that posted here. Brought back lots of good memories. God Bless!!

Chris Beddows - October 28, 2016 - Report this comment

PH had a winning menu years ago. The Priazzos were great and as an ex Kitchen guy there they weren't that time consuming to make! They got rid because new people at HQ wanted to make their own mark and messed it all up... They also stopped slicing the veg and began dicing to save and make more money out of the customer. The Public got wise and moved off.

Marcey Mathews - November 01, 2016 - Report this comment

Obsessed and haunted by desires for the Priazzo! Seriously, every few months I think about this pizza! Glad I found others who remember how great it was.

Clint - January 01, 2017 - Report this comment

Best pizza ever! Used to order the one with fresh tomato on top. One draw back -- would always wake up at 3am after eating one needing to drink a half gallon of water

Tracey - March 06, 2017 - Report this comment

I thought it was called a pizza pie. I loved the cheesy one. I was gutted when they scrapped them.

Carl Durigan - June 15, 2017 - Report this comment

I knew I was not alone please please bring back priazzo it's been 32 years already

GloScot - October 25, 2017 - Report this comment

I am glad I happened upon this thread. I have thought about the Priazzo on and off since I had it for the very last time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in 1988. It was so good. Pizza Hut had a winner. Was sad to see it taken off the menu.

Jack - December 18, 2017 - Report this comment

around 1990ish I worked two winters at a Pizza Hut delivery, no one else there knew what the Priazzo was so one evening I did my best to recreate the meat lovers one. Everyone loved it, and became an in house take home specialty. I am still amazed that this was discontinued, they could've charged $5 more for it and still been a best seller. Now I've got to find a deep dish pizza pan to make this at home

CHris - January 15, 2018 - Report this comment

I was just telling my friend about going and ordering this for me and my children. He never heard of it which was shocking. So I found the youtube commercial to prove my point and happened on this site. I wish they would bring them back for a limited time, I would take my adult children just for the memories.

tajlund - January 28, 2018 - Report this comment

2018 and still no Priazzo. Hope to see it again before I die.

Susana - February 09, 2018 - Report this comment

Es increíble que habiendo tanta gente y a lo largo de tantos años, pidiendo que la vuelva a hacer, PIZZA HUT no se de cuenta del negocio que podían tener si volvieran a hacer los priazzos. Desde que dejaron de hacerlos, no he vuelto a ir a PIZZA HUT, y como yo, muchas más gente. POR FAVOR SEÑORES DE PIZZA HUT, VUELVAN A HACER LOS PRIAZZOS DE LOS AÑOS 80

Vince - May 01, 2018 - Report this comment

Oh man! One of the best things I remember about my teenage years!! 1986 or '87. ...the best times!

Don - May 09, 2018 - Report this comment

I miss the sauce, mainly pasta sauce that PH used back in the 80s. Was so good by itself you didnt need anything else in it. Anyone have a clone of that sauce. It is sad that PH is now just a frozen thaw and heat crust. I literally watched an employee take a frozen crust out of a cardboard box and trow it in a pan to thaw. have not gone back since. But would still like to remember the PH of old and attempt to make the old sauce.

Traci - November 27, 2018 - Report this comment

One of my favorite childhood memories was eating Priazzo with my family at Pizza Hut. My dad would always order a pitcher of Doctor Pepper to go with it. So yummy! Please bring it back!

Colin - March 18, 2019 - Report this comment

I'm part of a group on FB.

Chase - May 21, 2019 - Report this comment

I grew up near Wichita, KS where Pizza Hut started (the little brick building where it all started still stands on the Wichita State University campus) and my dad worked for Cessna Aircraft Company in the 70s and 80s, which is also in Wichita. I just now had a flashback (for some odd reason) that Cessna made the spiked metal spiral heat sinks that allowed the Priazzo to cook evenly. They made thousands of them for all of the Pizza Hut locations. I have googled them but I can't find any pictures. If you google "pizza heat sink" you will find modern equivalents that appear to be cast aluminum. The ones that Cessna made consisted of a long strip of thick sheetmetal that was formed into a spiral (like a large coiled watchspring) and had the spikes attached to it somehow. I'm not sure if they were welded or riveted on. I really wish I could find a picture of it. Anyway, Pizza Hut was great back in the day and especially the ones around the Wichita area. I never eat at them anymore and favor small local places.

Janet - February 02, 2020 - Report this comment

Just discovered the Priazzo from a 1988 Pizza Hut training video that's on YouTube. Wish I could have tasted one! The idea of a pie that rich and decadent...yummy! I hope they bring it back for 2020. A special new century engagement, perhaps.

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