Jennette McCurdy family in detail: mother, father and brothers (2024)

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Father's Name

Mark McCurdy

Mother's Name

Debra McCurdy

Siblings names

Marcus McCurdy (older brother), Scott McCurdy (older brother), Dustin McCurdy (older brother)

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Who are Jennette McCurdy parents?

Mark McCurdy (father)

Date of birth: December 26, 1957

Jennette is not so close to her father. She constantly posts pics of her brothers and grandparents on social media, but never shows her dad. He is not a big fan of publicity and doesn’t want to go out of the shadow. Nowadays, he resides in New Jersey.

Marc Eugene McCurdy had 2 jobs in Jennette’s childhood. He wasn’t present at home for the most part of Jennette’s early life. Very often Marc and his wife Debbie shouted at each other and even fought. The actress wasn’t emotionally linked to her dad at all. After her mother’s death, she learned that he wasn’t her biological father.

Debra McCurdy (mother)

photo instagram / jennettemccurdy

Date of birth: July 17, 1957

Date of death: September 20, 2013

In August 2022 McCurdy released an autobiographic book “I’m Glad My Mom Died”. That book changed everything the actress’s fans knew about her childhood. It turned out, that Jennette’s childhood was very troubled because of her emotionally unstable abusive mother.

Debbie called her only daughter “Net”. As the actress tells in her memoirs, her mom was a very beautiful woman but she didn’t understand it. She used to spend an hour in front of the mirror before going to the nearest shop. The bright makeup and high hairdo made her look so unnatural. Besides, Debbie always wore high-heeled shoes as she was not tall. Her height was just 4 ft 11 in.

Net was only 2 when her mom was diagnosed with cancer. The illness had already developed to the 4th stage. To struggle with it, Debbie accepted long and painful cancer treatment. The treatment included chemotherapy, mastectomy, getting breast implants, etc. She became a cancer survivor and told her recovery story to each one, who was ready to listen.

In her youth, Debbie dreamed to become an actress but her parents forbade her that. So, she decided to help Jennette start acting. The girl was 6 years old when her mom started taking Net to auditions in Hollywood. McCurdy didn’t like it, but she couldn’t confess to her mom about it as she was afraid, cancer would return.

In her biography and in many interviews Net told, her that her mom was abusive. She made the actress bleach her hair and whiten her teeth since she was a teen. Besides, she told her daughter to count calories and eat less at the age of 11. That caused Jennette’s eating disorder and many other troubles. In her late teens, McCurdy was alcohol addicted. She had bulimia and practiced promiscuity.

McCurdy was 14 when she won the role of Sam Puckett in the teen sitcom “iCarly”. The actress had an eating disorder at that time, while her character Sam was always eating some meat products on the show. That made Net nervous.

The actress was 21 when her mother died. After that that she started seeing a psychotherapist and gradually solved her mental problems.

The actress decided to quit acting. She told that it was her mom’s dream, not hers.

Jennette McCurdy siblings

Marcus McCurdy (older brother)

photo instagram / marcusmccurdy

Date of birth: August 20, 1983

Jennette’s brother currently lives in Philadelphia. He is the first child in the family of Mark and Debbie. His full name is Marcus Roland McCurdy. He studied computer engineering at the Long Beach Department of California State University and then earned Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Drexel University.

Currently, Mark serves at Obsidian Security, Inc as a machine learning engineer. He is married to an athlete Ellie McCurdy and brings up a daughter Claire with her.

In her biography book Jennette called Marcus “the most reliable person in her surroundings”.

photo instagram / jennettemccurdy

Dustin McCurdy (older brother)

Date of birth: 1987

Jennette tells in her memoirs, that her brother Dustin was always a bit annoyed with her. She gave him lots of compliments to make him treat her better. He was good at history, drawing, and geography. The future actress respected him for that.

He is in his 30s. He lives in Torrance, CA. Dustin R. McCurdy lives out of the limelight and keeps his privacy.

Scott McCurdy (older brother)

Jennette McCurdy family in detail: mother, father and brothers (4)

Date of birth: September 18, 1989

She named her older brother Scott as “nostalgic” in her memoir. That was for his habit to cry at the end of each holiday “because it’s gone” or even at the end of an ordinary day.

He is the youngest son of the McCurdy family. Currently, he resides in La Mirada, CA. Scott has a close amicable relationship with his popular sister. She posts pics with him on Instagram from time to time.


photo instagram / jennettemccurdy

Everyone knows and almost everyone loves the holder of Kids’ Choice Award, Jennette McCurdy. She was literally catapulted to stardom as a performer of numerous Nickelodeon teen shows.

She saw the beautiful world for the first time in Long Beach, CA. Jennette is the only and beloved girl in the family of Mark and Debbie McCurdy. She decided to become an actress after keeping her eye on a talented play of then-young Harrison Ford at “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” because she was absolutely charmed by him. The girl convinced her parents to help her start a career of an actress.

Ms. McCurdy graced on the screen for the first time in 2000. Then 8-year-old was cast to the project “MAD TV”. Her talent was obvious, and soon she moved forward and performed the action comedy “Hollywood Homicide”, where she met at the set her role model – Harrison Ford.

Probably, her most popular work is portrayal of Sam Puckett in teen project “iCarly”. In fact, Jennette and her colleagues godlike Miranda Cosgrove and easy-going Nathan Kress created a great story about three friends, who launched an interesting Internet show, which unexpectedly became popular. Later Jennette McCurdy told in her interview, that “everyone, including fans, was the part of the series” and thanked her viewers for being with her during all 6 seasons of the show.

Nowadays the actress appears in new movies, short films, and TV shows. One of her recent achievements is the main role in the film “Little Bitches”.

Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / jennettemccurdy/

  1. She gave a chance to music career several years ago, too. She performed in genres country and pop. In 2012 she leaked her first eponymously named album, previously supported by the track “Generation Love”, which occupied the 44th position in the Hot Country Songs chart.
  2. Not each McCurdy’s fan knows that she is also a talented author. The young woman wrote a string of stories for “The Wall Street Journal” on many-sided subjects, including Smoke and Mirrors, the technique of creating illusions. She authors columns in some other issues, as well.
  3. Several years ago she was involved in a conflict with Ariana Grande. Two young stars were cast in Nickelodeon project “Sam & Cat”. Jennette was not satisfied with her salary, because it was much lower than Ariana’s. In addition, she posted her sultry photo, which was considered inappropriate by the producers of the kids’ show. As a result, “Sam & Cat” was closed.
  4. Currently, Jennette has no boyfriend. Her first sweetheart was with iCarly set worker Paul. Her most notable affair was with a stellar athlete and incredibly tall young man Andre Drummond.
  5. Jennette directed and wrote the script to the short film “Kenny” in 2018. She shared that now she considers the possibility to leave acting for directing and writing.
Jennette McCurdy family in detail: mother, father and brothers (2024)
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