Silent Command: Chapter 27 - Alone in the Storm - Chapter 3 - Neutral05 - 碧蓝航线 (2024)

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August 16th, 2027, 9:30 AM, Base, Commander’s Office

The Commander, Howe, Mary Celeste, and Hai Tien were currently standing in the office; watching the T.V. as the news played.

“Now let’s go to Tirpitz-san for the weather,” Mikasa said.

“Danke, Mikasa,” Tirpitz said. “For today, cloudy skies which will become a thunderstorm starting at 2130 hours. From there, the storm will be sweeping over us with an easterly heading, and will remain over us until 1300 hours. Afterwards, there will be sporadic hours of rain and clear skies to make way for a full day of sunshine on the 18th. Then another storm will occur on the 19th, starting at around 1300 hours. There will also be an even larger storm coming in a week’s time — lasting the entire day, I will update you all more once the date draws closer.”

“Sounds like it’s going to be a crazy week for us,” Mikasa whistled. “Make sure that everyone is well informed of the weather, hate to see someone get soaked out there.”

Are preparations being made? ” the Commander asked the other three.

“The Tempestas are battening down the hatches of our abode, we should be doing fine. New Jersey and Volga are also ensuring that the main living quarters are going to be good once it hits.” Mary Celeste informed him.

“Standard procedures are underway in the town for the impending storms. Businesses have already accounted for those days, as well,” Hai Tien reported.

“Patrols and shipping have already been informed two days ago, and the hydrophone system is able to record accurate data even in turbulent weather,” Howe assured the man.

Excellent. Am I missing anything?

“What about you, John?”


“Yes, you! Are you going to be fine out there?”

I should be fine. The house has already survived storms before, and I have a generator in case the power does go out at my place.

“Ooh… If you say so.”

Well if that’s everything taken care of, I’ll let you all go.

Exiting the office, Howe returned to her desk as Mary Celeste and Hai Tien came up to her.

“Quite cute of you to be worrying for the Commander,” Hai Tien noted. “But I’m wondering what you would have done if he hadn’t assured you of his well being?”

“I was just concerned,” Howe said, going to her computer. “It isn’t fun to be by yourself for several hours… I guess I was hoping to get as much time with him before the storm hit.”

“Well there’s another option,” Celeste alluded to. “You could just wait out the storm with him.”

“Like, spend the night at his house?”

“Yeah! Though I guess you will be missing some time with your sisters, huh?”

“Perhaps you can talk with them about that?” the light cruiser suggested her next action. “See if they’re okay with the idea.”

“And if not, it’s not going to be the end. There are plenty of friends for you to hang out with while you wait out the storm.”

“True. Hmm… I’ll talk with my sisters to see how they feel. Thanks for suggesting that,” the battleship nodded before pulling out her phone as the other two walked away to perform other duties.

Howe_Cookies: ! Family Talk !

King George V: What’s going on, Sis?

Howe_Cookies: I was wondering if I could spend the night with John.

Howe_Cookies: How’d you girls feel about me doing so?

D_O_Y: Like a child asking permission…

King George V: I’m perfectly fine with it.

Monarch: Same.

D_O_Y: Aye.

TywysogWales: No problem here, just get as much pleasure as possible~

Monarch: Wales, don’t say stuff like that to her!

Howe_Cookies: What does she mean by that?

Monarch: Don’t worry about it.

D_O_Y: Thou thinking about bringing thy familiar?

Howe_Cookies: Yeah, but I wanna surprise John about this.

Howe_Cookies: Lugging around his crate would give that away.

Howe_Cookies: But I think I have someone to take care of that for me.

TywysogWales: Probs for the best

TywysogWales: I remember him being antsy whenever you weren’t around.

King George V: Just remember to pack your stuff before you see him tonight.

Howe_Cookies: Of course.

As Howe got off the phone, the Commander’s head popped out of the door.

Just got a message from Ash, they're still coming tonight. ” he wrote. “When do you think we should swing by to grab some ingredients?

“Hmm… I think I might have some of them at home, so I’ll swing by to grab them,” she said, hiding the fact that she’ll be getting her stuff for her stay.

Btw, what are we going to make for them? I was thinking about some pork chops.

“That sounds delicious, Love. I was going to bake them some Whoopie Pies.”

Silent Command: Chapter 27 - Alone in the Storm - Chapter 3 - Neutral05 - 碧蓝航线 (2024)
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