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2 The Daily Mlssoullan, Wednesday, June 7, 1 944 Body Not Found in Lake McDonald Kalispell. June fl. No trace nf thm Western Montana Events War Council Survey to Open June 20 Kalispell June 6. House-to-house canvass will start in Kalispell on June 20 by the Community war council, according to plans formed at a meeting of the council Monday evening in the Kalispell Cham DavTs Tourist Cour'f Changes Hands Kalispell, June fl. Purchase of the Davia tourist court at First avenue, west, north, and Idaho street at Kalispell by Mrs.

Ross Kirkpat-rick was made known today. She is taking over operation of the business at once and Mrs. Fannie Wan-dell, former owner, has returned to Lewistown, where she has business interests. Some remodeling and redecora-tion of the court is contemplated by Mrs, Kirkpatrick and the 12 modern, stucco cabins which are well furnished will be available at once to the traveling public, ahe said. Charles Ordish Succumbs Kalispell, June fl.

Charles E. Or dish, long-time resident of the Flat Bolton Heads Lions Club At Kalispell Kalispell. June 6. Election of officers was held by the Kalispell Lions club Monday evening with Frank Bolton being, named president for the ensuing year. Other officers elected at this time are: Elmer Loy, first vice president; W.

A. McGlenn, second vice president; E. B. Jystad, secretary; Fred Sempf, treasurer; Harry Taylor, lion tamer; Sam Olson, tall-twister; Victor Guest and Rev. Russell J.

Prentice, directors. Delegates to the district convention at Leth.bridge include 'Mr. Bolton, Mr. Jystad, Chris Larrsen, Mr. McGlenn, Marshall Murray, Arthur Sward, Mr.

Taylor and Franklin Wheeler. Alternates are Pat Bryan, H. B. Busdicker, J. H.

W. E. Holbein, Andrew Horn, Charles Jel-lison, Mr. Loy and W. 'J.

McHenry. Mr. Murray read a bulletin concerning the coming district convention at Lethbridge. A report on the Youth center, which is to open this week, was given by Otto Nordstrom. War action pictures were shown by Vic Croskrey of the American body of Alvln Stutzman, believed to have drowned in Lake McDonald, had been found Tuesday.

Darir off). clals have reported to Flathead county coroner Harry Campbell. The search Is continuing and hooks are being used but as no one has any idea where the body may have tert the rart, which later drifted about one and one-half miles up-Shore from Aoear. manv nroblema are offered to those conducting the searcn. Old-timers of that vicinity say that Lake McDonald never elves uq a body.

It is known too that the lake is extremely deep at many points. The believed victim is from Har- risburg, and was a member of tne conscientious objectors camp In the park. VISITS AT HAMILTON Hamilton. June 6. Mr, w.

Drotning of Seattle is- spending the ween nere wim ner mother, Mrs. Ella Overturf, and a sister, Mrs. Howard Cornish. Mrs. Overturf re cently returned from a Missoula hospital where she received surgical treatment for an eye trouble.

LEAVE FOR CALIFORNIA Hamilton, June 6. Miss Melba Wayland and Miss Mary Bichov left Saturday to spend a vacation in Southern California cities. Miss Wayland will visit her uncles, Robert and Edward Waylett at Rich mond. NURSE LEAVES HAMILTON Hamilton. June 6.

Miss Nettte Tipton, a nurse at the Daly hospi tal lor the past month, left Monday for Ellensbure. where she will join a sister, Miss Blanche Tipton, former Hamilton nurse. TEACHER VISITS HAMILTON Hamilton, June 8, Miss Ann Foley, teacher in the high school at Toppenish, was a Hamilton visitor Friday from her home at Victor, to which she and her mother, Mrs. Mary Foley returned Friday. JAMES CORNISH HOME Hamilton, June 6.

James Cornish, who ComDleted his sonhomnra year at Montana State College, ar rived during tne ween to spend his vacation in Hamilton with his mother, Mrs. J. H. Cornish. DRY FLIES Just what you need to catch those sneaky trout.


OF Winkler to Speak At Bad Rock Grange Meeting Columbia Falls, June 6. Al Winkler, president of the Chamber of Commerce, will give a talk on successful Arizona Irrigation projects, and the ways In which the Hungry Horse project resembles those, at a meeting of the Bad Rock grange to be held Thursday evening. It is hoped that members will have in mind questions which Mr. Winkler might be able to answer about methods used in developing modern irrigation projects and how best to help develop the Hungry Horse project. Flnley Arnett, chairman of the agricultural committee, announces that he will conduct a roll call In which each member will explain his idea for a successful agricultural program for the post-war period.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. J.

W. Hall, Mrs. Charles Pemble and Miss Clara Kelley have pledged to donate blood for the blood bank as soon as arrangements can be made. If anyone In the community de sires to aid the war effort by contributing to the blood bank he may call Grace Hall, who is handling arrangements. Contributions to a relief fund to help Albert Lewis who recently lost his barn in a fire are also welcome.

Visitors are welcome and mem bers are urged to attend the meet ing Thursday evening at 8:30 oclock. FROM STATE COLLEGE Kalispell, June 6. Doris Chrlsto- pherson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ealmer Christopherson, has returned from Bozeman where she completed her sophom*ore year at Montana State College.

She has enlisted in the Navy nurse cadets and will start her training at the Deaconess hospital In Great Falls on June 18. Major Hoopla ZERO WAS BARKIN' PI AN' WHEN I LOOKED OUT THE HAY WAS RllDWIW'i TUPM I A Offer Prayers 'At Union Rites D-Day Kalispell, June 6. Throughout Kalispell's business district flags were flying- Tuesday In observance of the long-awaited D-day. In front of homes, too. the flag ls.being displayed and in many Instances It calls attention to the service stars paying tribute to men In the armed forces.

While jubilance Is not reflected In the mood of the people who have some conception of the long Toad to victory, at least an air of confidence Is shown In many expressions. Determination to become even more active on the home-front can be detected. Business places closed from 11 o'clock until noon Tuesday when a union service was conducted by the Kalispell Ministerial association at the First Presbyterian church. Workers congregated to oiler pray ers for the Allied invasion forces. AT POLSON Poison, June 6.

Poison residents greeted reports of "D-day" today by putting up every available street flag on the main streets. Wherever it was possible, small groups of people were congregated to hear step-by-step reports of the Invasion. Nov Protests to Improved City Districts Kalispell, June 6. As creation of special Improvement districts Nos. 243, 244, 245 and 246 were not protested at the regular meeting of the Kalispell city council Monday evening, the clerk was instructed- to advertise for bids for the Installation cf a sewer.

This would Include blocks Nos. 250, 245, 171, 173 and block No. 11, Fisher addition. Bids are to be approved at the next meeting of the council on July 3. Upon presentation of a recognized bond, William Gobleman Is to be permitted to operate as a master plumber according to a resolution passed.

Earl Crouch was presented as a volunteer fireman and the appointment was approved by the council. Bids for 50,000 to 100,000 gallons of road oil are to be advertised for the 1944-45 season. Renting of a 28-acre tract south of the Municipal airport to Harold Lake for $30 for a one-year period was approved. Libble Crolsettler of J9 East Wyoming was granted a permit to connect with the sewer from outside the city limits. Three Filings in Ravalli County Hamilton, June 6.

W) The pot of politics has been slow In steaming up in Ravalli county, but today Anthony Hork reported three filings. These are: E. Oardner Brownlee, Republican candidate to succeed himself as county attorney for a third term; Harvey Thornber, Republican candidate for county commissioner; W. B. McLaughlin, Republican, to succeed himself as Justice of the peace in Ward township.

Early filings were those of County Commissioner Anfln Anfinson, Democrat, to succeed himself, and Rev. C. J. Taber, Republican, for representative in the Legislature. Matron Fractures Hip in Fall Hamilton, June fl.

Mrs. A. H. Downing suffered a fracture of the left hip when she fell from a short ladder at her home Just before noon today, while taking vines from an outside wall. She was taken to the Daly hospital where reports were favorable late today.

Mrs. Downing is one of Hamilton's most active club women and her work for others has always been a mark of her years. TO RESIDE AT HOT SPRINGS Hot Springs, June 6. Mrs. Ralph Echulstad has arrived to make her home for the present with her parents, Mr.

and Mrs, G. Buck. For the last five months she has resided at Indianapolis, where her husband was attending a radio He recently graduated and received, the rating of seaman first class. Schulstad was transferred to Little Rock, Va where he will take am-j ptubious training for the next few weeks. ARRIVES TROM FLORIDA Daiby, June 6 Sergeant Raymond Reynolds, Army air corps, has arrived from Florida to visit his wife and family and his parents, Mr- and Mrs.

William TO STUDY TELEGRAPHY Hot Springs, June 6. Miss Marvel Carr and Miss Thelma Ekblad, graduates of the May class of the Hot Springs high school, left the last of the week for Spokane to begin their studies in telegraphy. FROM PULLMAN Kalispell, June 6. Marion Klcss-ner has returned from Pullman, where she has been a student at Washington State college. En route home, she visited her aunt at Mullan, Idaho.

TO VISIT MOTHER Hot Springs, June 6. Mrs. Arthur Riley left Monday for Portland, for a two-week visit with her mother, Mrs. R. H.

Byng. DIRECTOR VISITS Kalispell, June 6. Dr. J. C.

Taylor, director of the state extension service, is visiting in Kalispell today from Bozeman. VISITS BROTHER Dixon, June 6. Leo Jansen of Wenatchee, spent the weekend in Dixon with his brother, Charles Jansen. CRESTON VISITOR Dixon, June 6. Miss Olga Grossman of Creston, visited a few days at the home of Mrs.

Robert Seward. The Caspian covering square miles, Is the world's largest inland sea. Out Our Way NO YOU DOMT, VOL) LITTLE YOU KEEP AWAY radio YES, A MAN RAN AWAY. IT WAS SO DARK I COULDN'T SEE DID YOU SEE ANYBODY NEAR THE i FIRE HIM VERY WELL IT NO YOU DONT. YOU LITTLE ber of Commerce.

Information to be will concern projects vital to the war effort. Spare hours for labor and available manpower will be listed In the survey. Sig Ludwig presided at the meet ing at which a number of local organizations were represented. A finance committee including Archie Pearson, chairman; M. F.

Gould. Smith Willis, Frank Bolton and Robert Stein was named. F. W. Emeheiser was appointed chairman of the war air registration survey to be conducted.

The city will be zoned prior to the canvass. Fifth War Loan Drive Chairman Cliff Steib spoke on the coming campaign which opens in Kalispell on June 14 with a parade, and requested the participation of the war council in supporting the drive, especially by having a float in the parade and with other publicity. The group agreed to do all possible toward the success of the drive. A letter from Major B. F.

Cody of the United States Army waa read complimenting the group on patriotic activities In behalf of the war effort. The next meeting will be held June 19. Emil Bjorneby Enters Legislature Race Kalispell, June 6. Seeking the nomination as state representative on the Democratic ticket, Emll O. Blorneby of Kalispell has recorded his petition with Clerk of the Court A.

J. Shaw. As a slogan, he states For the greatest good to the great est number." Mr. Bjorneby has previously served In the Legislature from Flathead county. He Is the first Democrat to file for the office In this county this year.

E. B. Foot, Nell C. Parker and Leonard F. Moore, all Republicans, are seeking to be nominated as candidates in the coming July primaries.

BACK TO DUTY Hamilton, June 8. Mrs. Elsie Denis, superintendent of the Daly hospital, has returned to duty, following a two weeks' vacation at her West Hamilton home. ENDS FURLOUGH Poison, June 6. Staff Sergeant Ardean Herreid, who has been visiting relatives here for the past week, will leave tomorrow for Ren-ton, Wash.

Our Boarding House Little Annie Rooney NO, Dl DMT DISCOVER THE FIREJ ZERO DI-0 Sergeant Stony Craig Rcg'lar Fellers 6AV, UNCL5 VES, IT'S LOADED. BULGV, THAT 1 PULL UP THAT TRICK BASE- LOOKS UKS A BALL GRENADE TO EXPLODE LOADED AROUMD THE WON'T IT ff I WASH" timing voith NEI6M80R- SPLIT- HOOD yl SECONO WATCH? ZZZESV ----c7v5 Tf ill (. 7 an lfu nyWAnri0il EfPv 7 li3 i fOM, MEREjlF THAT 6UY HAD I IT IS COME BACK ID HAVE towECEO tvie poor pif Youth Injured in Fall From Tree Poison, June fl.Thirteen-year-old Edward Clark is in a local hospital as a result of a 80-foot fall from a tree which he was climbing. At the hospital, It was found that he had received a broken back, broken leg and broken arm. Young Clark, whose home i In California, had been visiting at the home of his grandmother, Mrs.

Charles Tiddy. Under the circ*mstances, his condition is considered satisfactory. Ravalli 4-H Meet Instructive Hamilton, June 6. Leaders of 4-H clubs invaded Hamilton Tuesday for a day of Instruction in their newly-organized work for the youth of Ravalli county. About thirty-five, including leaders and their assistants and the "school," conducted by County Agent Stanley Halvor-son, received most of its lessons through direct talks from R.

E. Cameron, state 4-H club leader, who came from Bozeman. Kim Roberts, emergency county agent, assistant, also helped in instruction and prac tical demonstration such as the making of a potato cutter for seed. The school was held in the Ra valll courtroom and at noon a recess was called to enable the group to attend an honor luncheon given by the Hamilton Lions club. There, T.

M. Skinner, president, welcomed the youth workers and briefly sketched the work of Lions for the boys and girls, stating that In the main, the Hamilton clubs recogni tion of youth had been for the young men and women in the serv ice of the armed forces. Recognition of the Allied invasion in Europe was given In a special pray er offered by Rev. Paul H. Sohn.

Organization Praised Mr. Cameron told the Lions group that 4-H was the most significant youth organization in the country, with a membership of 1,700,000 last year and a goal of 2,000,000 for this year. With 80,000 rural boys and girls in Montana, only about one of 10 has bee-i enrolled in 4-H work he said and he expressed appreciation for the volunteers who have worked so well to start the movement In Ravalli county. With 25 clubs and about 300 members, the 4-H movement in Ra valll county is off to a mammoth start and the leaders showed much enthusiasm In the Instruction course and the talks by the state extension men. Salvage Story Fred A.

Willard, Ravalli county salvage chairman, gave the group at the courthouse some facts about collection of waste Items, particu larly paper and rags. Leaders find their groups interested in such work and he explained the opportunity of money-earning for the clubs. Weigh lng of salvage paper and rags as well as other items, is cone at the Hamilton Feed Grain warehouse, while registration is handled by Mr Willard at his store on Main street, with a shed on North First as depot. Possibilities for a 4-H fair were explained by Mr. Halvorson.

The clubs cover a wide variety of voca tional effort for both boys and girls. Every community from Sula to Florence waa represented In the gathering. TRACKMEET CONDUCTED Poison, June 6. At the annual trackmeet of the Christian Service Brigade held here 8aturday, the Eagle Squadron led by Corporal Gale Holder, won first place, with the Flying Tigers coming in second and the Tank Destroyers mak ing third. First place In Individual scores was won by John Hawley, with 23 points, followed by Chuck Moore with 18 and Gale Holder with 13.

ON EASTERN TRIP Hamilton. June fl. Mrs. Zoe Lco*ky left Friday for an Eastern trip that will include a visit to her motner, Mrs. Ada S.

Mlllis, at Peoria, 111. Mrs. Mlllis, a former Humllton woman, makes her home with another daughter, Mrs. C. R.

Golly. In her ninty-fourth year, Mrs. Millis is still leading an active life. Mrs. Lecky was accompanied to Missoula by Mrs.

C. W. Waddell and Mrs. Anna Shappee. TO TELEGRAPHY SCHOOL Llbby, June Ray Rice and daughter, Margaret, and Miss Rosclla Barr left today for California.

The two girls will enroll in the Western Union school of teleg raphy at Santa Cruz and Mrs, Rice will visit ncr brothers in Ln Angeles. STERLING RADIO OPERATOR PolfiOn, Juno 6. LpsIIb Klri-llncr son of Mr. and Mrs, c. L.

Sterling of Tolson, is now a chief radio operator on a Merchant Marine vessel at an oversea base, it has been irarnea here. C. rvnMta Blonttt SttlhMd Get Grayvita Vitamins ,0 wurnl color. "mount 1 1 4 i0 Int. unit! Hi) tr.

-H by houvawpma m.u- hl "turn i.l bair rob. C.tMWlrA Vitnmina ar nn f'ttrm Early Start In Bond Drive Urged Kalispell, June With Kali spell's quota set at $307,000 In and O. bonds In the coming Fifth War Loan drive, City Chairman Bert Kaus 'urges that bonds be pur chased as early as possible In order that the goal may be reached be fore the opening of the campaign. Early buying would Indicate that residents of the city are well aware of the significance of D-day and that they are more eager than ever to back the attack with fighting dollars. Maximum pledges In the drive may be submitted at the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce office until June 12.

Residents are asked to have their pledges ready when solicitors call and this will speed up the drive. All war stamp books should be filled and turned into war bonds to count toward the quota. At a meeting Monday, plans were outlined for the Kalispell drive and C. F. Steib, Flathead county drive chairman, called a meeting of city captains for Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock in the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce rooms.

The county meeting will be held Friday evening at 8:30 o'clock at the Elks' temple. For the city drive, the following co-worker3 have been named: Frank H. Trippet, assistant chairman; Art Overby, business district; Elmer Loy, upstairs offices; George K. Robbin and T. W.

Elliot, dentists and doc tors; Roy McDanicl, lodges and service clubs; Lions club, Marshall Murray, residential district north of tracks; eat side Kalispell south of tracks will be handled by the Navy mothers with Mrs. H. a. Star inbll as chairman and Elks' lodge with Sig Ludwig and Leon Phillips in charge; west side of Kalispell, south of the tracks, will be solicited by the American Legion with Vic Croskrey as chairman. LAKE COUNTY Poison, June 6.

-H. E. Olsson chairman of the Lake county war finance committee, and Irving Johnson, drive chairman, left today for the northern portion of Lake county to distribute supplies and give instruction to the zone leaders ill cumiecuuu wuu ujo tuiwuig iii.ii War Loan drive. The Individual quota of $170,000 for the county will be stressed this year, and the leaders feel that this amount will be easily attained. Dr.

Gladys Bartsberg, zone leader for Poison, haa called a meeting of sector leaders for Thursday evening at 8 o'clock at the city hall. Volunteers were also urged to attend the meeting. RAVALLI WORKERS Hamilton, June 6. H. 8.

Thane, chairman of the Ravalli county drive In the Fifth War Loan, announced the following list of work ers today; Mrs. Edgar Wetzsteon, chairman, Sula. H. J. Van Vliet, chairman; A.

Whiting. Ralph Greenup, Elmer Sargent, Darby. G. L. Gibson, chairman, Charlos Heights.

Henry Bell, chairman, Orantsdale. Hamilton T. M. Skinner, chairman; S. R.

Brltton, rural chairman; John F. Matheson, C. Jaques, N. J. Aaboe, Harry C.

Skecls, E. K. Stew art, rural chairman; C. W. Ellmg' wood, Joseph Hersman, Mrs.

Clark Gray, R. O. Iman. H. E.

Newman, E. G. Brownlee, Edna Smith, Mrs. Henry Botch, Mrs. Ray Davis, Mrs Clarence Birrer, Henry Botch, Mrs.

Clyde Parker, Mrs. Tom Warren, Mrs. Herb Stout, Mrs. Fred Johnson, Mrs. W.

L. Gray, Ward C. Harris, Mrs. Lloyd Goodman, Mrs. M.

B. Reynolds, Mrs. George B. Taylor, Mrs. Beatrice Gage, ous Kuster, Mrs.

Anna Shappee, Mrs. Keith Hammell, Mrs. Earl Rodgers, Mrs. Hill Rlek, John O. Howe, Herbert McKlllop, E.

L. Sanderson. Mrs. Clyde Fitz, Howard Packer, Robert Hall, Mrs. Theodore LaChambre.

Corvallls Mrs. Harrie Fierce. chairman; Homer Bailey, Charles Hess, B. J. Smyth, O.

S. Lockwood, J. E. Hawker, C. R.

Glldewell, Glenn Chaffin, George Blakeslee, Lee Lear, Donald Rummel. Conner Mrs. Evelyn White, chairman. Victor Mrs. G.

R. Safley, chair man: Mrs. Edward R. DeWltt, Rus sell Iman, Martin P. Heiser, Mrs.

Martin P. lleiscr, Mrs. Glen Cope-lnnd, Mrs. H. C.

Groff, H. C. Groff, Mrs. John Dean, Mrs. Adam Horn-ung, Mrs.

W. C. Thrailklll, Mrs. Donald Wood, Mrs. Arthur L.

Shrock, Harry Knutson. Stevcnsville Mis. H. Stanley An trim, county co-chairman; Mrs. Ralph Kramer, Mrs.

William Coch rane, Mrs. Dorothy Aisthrope, Mrs. Lloyd Burnett, Mrs. Earl Buck, Mrs. Ralph Gill, Mrs.

Wilbur Cook, Carl Baldwin, Dr. J. K. Kohl, Oscar Ene-bo, Mrs. Harriet Metcalf, Mrs, Leon Terry, Mrs.

Elwln Day, Mrs. Emma Ehrhart, Mrs. Vivian Irvine, Mrs. Jack Fltzgcrrald, Mrs. Robert Irvine.

Mrs, Russell Martin, Mrs. Melvln Porch, Mrs. Claude Johnson. Mrs. Michael Thoft.

Mrs. Orville Puyear, Mis. Earl Stewart, Mrs. Nell Flan-nngln, Mrs, W. J.

Winters, Mrs. Ruben Longbottom, Mrs. Charles Magi- nl, Mrs. Clnude Kelly. Mrs.

Melvln Hess, Mrs. Oscar Enebo, Mrs. K. L. Stevenson, Mrs.

Earl Lockrldge, Mrs. Cnrl Baldwin, Mrs. Ralph Robinson, Jr. Florence Mrs, Grovrr Collins, Mrs. Louis ITndem, Allen Hoblett.

Mrs. Ted Wadlngton, Frederick Wagner. RETt'RN TO SrOKANE Kalispell, June fl. Betty Hall and Mary Pat Houston returned to Spokane Sunday after coming to Kalispell to attend the wedding of Rosalie Brinkman and Lieutenant William Helnicke which took place Sunday. HER7F.L RETtRNS TO MSE Poison, June Private First Class Harry A.

Herzel has left for Camn Clnlrborne. Iowa, after snend head, died Tuesday morning. He was 79 years of age and had made his home here since 1903. Surviving is his widow, Mrs. Lillie Ordish, two daughters, Mrs.

Kenneth James and Mrs. Harold Paint er, and one son, Staff Sergeant Robert Ordish who Is stationed at Camp Ord, Cal. Funeral arrangements are inconv plete and will be announced later by the Waggener Campbell funeral home. Annie Francis Martz Passes at Poison Poison, June 6. Annie Frances Martz, age 75, died this morning at a local hospital, following ex tended Illness.

The body was taken to the Retz mortuary and funeral arrangements are pending. Mrs. William Martz waa born in Kansas City. and had resided in Poison for the past six years. She had been in 111 health for some time.

Besides her husband, a daughter, Mrs. Gladys Pritchett, lives here. FUNERAL TODAY Kalispell, June fl. Funeral serv ices for Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Martla will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Trinity Lutheran church, with Rev.

A. Jordan officiating. Interment will follow in the Trinity Lutheran cemetery, under the direction of the Waggener Campbell funeral home. GARY LEE KNAUS Poison, June 6. Funeral services were held for Gary Lee Knaus at the Retz mortuary chapel, with Rev, Charles Durston in charge.

Pall bearers were Leo Kelly, Arnold Schmautz, James Fleming and Jas per Plotzkl and burial waa In Lake view cemetery. Gary Lee, age ZV4 years, was drowned last week In a canal near his home south of Poison. He Is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Knaus, and one brother.

New Welfare Head Takes Over Duties Hamilton, June fl. Miss Eugenie Fenlon arrived from Livingston Tuesday to head the Ravalli coun ty welfare department. She succeeds Mrs. Alice Farlln who leaves the Job Saturday to Join her hus band, Corporal Robert Farlln at Greenville, S. C.

Miss Marian Hork, who had been clerk In the welfare office, the past two years, has also resigned and will go East with Mrs. Farlln to Join a sister, Mrs. William McGee, at Lexington, Ky. TO VISIT HUSBAND Alberton, June 6. Mrs.

James Slosson left Sunday for Washing ton, D. where ahe will spend the summer months with her hus band, Gunner's Mate James Slos son, who is stationed at Solomons, Md. Mrs, Slosson will return here in the fall to. resume her position as teacher in the local schools. LIONS ELECT Hamilton, June 6.

Formal elec tion of Lions officers today placed in office V. C. Hollingsworth, president; Dr. R. L.

Peterson, vice president; J. W. Johnson, secretary-treasurer; Dr. O. C.

Mathisen, J. E. Coulter and T. R. Rollins, directors; Dr, K.

D. Kohler, tailtwister and E. G. Butterfield, liontamer. TO SUMMER SCHOOL Dixon, June 6.

Alf Mekvold, principal of the Dixon schools, left Sunday for Missoula to attend sum mer session at the State University, Mrs. Mekvold and son, Gordon, left for a visit with Mrs. Mekvold's rela tives in Los Angeles, and other coast cities. SEEKS DIVORCE Kalispell, June fl. Charging ex treme cruelty, Frances Bell is seeking a divorce from Lawrence S.

Bell In an action filed today with Clerk of the Court Oliver F. Vose. The couple married February 2, 1935. Kalispell and there is one child, whose custody the plaintiff asks. STEEDER FINED 10 Kalispell, June 6.

Marvin Irwin was found guilty of a speeding charge when he appeared in police court Tuesday afternoon before Judge II. L. Lokensgard. He paid $10 fine assessed by the court. The arrest waa made by city police.

LEAVES HOSPITAL Hamilton, June 8. Paul Dayton, who suffered a neck fracture in an automobile accident several weeks ago. was discharged from the Daly hospital today to return to his home near Stevcnsville. VISITING ON COAST Darby. June fl.

Mrs. Charles Rouse left last week for Portland. to visit her son-in-law and daughter, Mr, and Mrs. Wayne Overturf. Eye Don'fs for War Workers 1 Don't uc rn i.

Don't read in poor Hslit. 3. Don't nttlact rxpod to dimt, wind or ortrwork. Bath ttinn with lvoplix, Qiilrkl? aoothru Inflamed, oorr, btirnln. Itclilm and rrumi-lalad yelld or monry refunded, Thou, land praler It, 3(1 year aucrm, Oft Lavouhk today.


mlMrlM nf Pln-Wnm Urn known for centurlm, ml many linnfoira wr to deal with ihl. droad. ful pwit that livM and grow imi.U tin buman body. Today, thank! to on Important arlantlffa eitrnwr. a id and highly trrat.

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A Hon. Amarica'i Imdlnf tpteUilita It tmnrrnry tot irntl op jour ehli.1 to nifTr In alln with th fnt.rraiiii rrtal rai4 hy fn. Worma, nr to tak rhtnm nn tin rral t. "fM' Th mall. tay.

Do (lrlroy Pln-Wormn. inlnt ttrni atirh Itrhlh t-at and now, unfuv atomarh. If you aua. fvel I In. Worn, ak your drtiyirlut for a Ma of f.w and follow th tlmplt dl.

rn-taiiit erfiill. It It ea.y MmtmUrir-W fur Pin-Worm. on OEAIYTtWiOKAYi I KNOW rT WONTS tflASTtll MINO DUFFT Jf ATEPS AHEAO.XOOUt, A' TO SHOWER! A LITTLE GAIN I WILL SHBINK.TMI5 A VALLflOuERCO JTVy WQH1LnWX ATEPS AHEAO.XOOUt, arraia and atmisHiNo BY EXPERT MECHANICS ray Caah far fr Carl TURMELL MOTOR CO. 10 dat ntr a. ftivlmtah at lb Vinni nf kt uur la i tU Mala rbnaa IBM vsiu orui uounter.

I parents on the east shore upply tl.fiO: UK) W. tiw. I'liun.

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