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  1. These are the most prevalent disabilities in Georgia
  2. Braves Foundation Sets New 50/50 Raffle Record
  3. Ossoff launches inquiry aimed at protecting election workers

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Story 1: These are the most prevalent disabilities in Georgia

Despite 13% of Americans living with disabilities, stigma and discrimination persist. AccessiBe charted Georgia's disability statistics using Census Bureau data, revealing that nearly one-quarter of Americans aged 65-74 and almost half of those 75+ have disabilities. The aging population underscores the need for improved accessibility. Accessibility refers to proactive measures, while accommodations retroactively address barriers. The ADA has improved accessibility since 1990, but disparities remain. Workers with disabilities earn significantly less than their counterparts, and poverty rates are double among disabled individuals. Many face unaddressed health needs due to cost, highlighting the need for reduced medical expenses.

Story 2: Braves Foundation Sets New 50/50 Raffle Record

Last weekend, the Atlanta Braves Foundation set a new fundraising record with its 50/50 jackpot, raising $281,759. This surpassed the previous record of $170,544 set during the 2021 World Series. Unlike before, fans can now participate in the 50/50 raffle from anywhere in Georgia online at or through the MLB Ballpark App. Half of the total jackpot goes to one lucky winner, while the rest supports the foundation's initiatives benefiting children in local communities. The current raffle is ongoing until Sunday and offers daily prizes along with the chance to win substantial rewards like game tickets, Chick-fil-A gift cards, and Delta flight vouchers throughout the week.

Story 3: Ossoff launches inquiry aimed at protecting election workers

U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff of Georgia has called upon the Justice Department (DOJ) and FBI to safeguard election workers from intimidation and ensure efficient election administration. In a letter dated Tuesday, Ossoff urged the agencies to outline their procedures for handling threats, ensure staffing needs are met, and enforce laws protecting election workers. He emphasized that protecting election integrity hinges on safeguarding those who manage elections, citing increased reports of intimidation and harassment towards election workers nationwide. Earlier this year, a survey revealed 38% of election officials faced harassment or abuse. Ossoff, along with Senator Amy Klobuchar, has advocated for increased federal funding to enhance election infrastructure and cybersecurity.

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Story 4: Skeptical Seniors Grill Cobb Official at Transit Tax Q&A

In Marietta, a contentious public meeting saw Deputy Transportation Director Morgan Simmons facing tough questions about Cobb’s proposed 30-year transit tax. The tax, slated for a November ballot, aims to raise $11 billion by increasing the sales tax from 6% to 7%, funding a 108-mile rapid bus system, new transit centers, and microtransit services. Attendees expressed concerns over microtransit routes affecting neighborhoods and potential impacts on local businesses. They questioned projected costs (estimated at $14.5 billion) and demanded clarity on ridership projections amidst a decline in current bus system usage. Critics, including political figures, argued against the tax, citing low demand for transit and financial burdens on taxpayers. Despite tensions, Simmons emphasized transparency and directed attendees to county resources for further details.

Story 5: Conyers Names New Chief of Operations

In Conyers, City Manager Kameron Kelley has appointed Brian Frix as the new chief of operations. Frix, who joined Conyers in 2016 and served as director of Public Works and Transportation since 2021, brings extensive experience in engineering and stormwater management. A native of Rockdale County and a licensed professional engineer in Georgia, Frix holds degrees from Southern Polytechnic State University and the University of Tennessee. In his new role, Frix will oversee operations for departments including Planning and Inspections, Public Relations and Tourism, Public Works and Transportation, the Georgia International Horse Park, and Cherokee Run Golf Club. Kelley praised Frix's collaborative leadership style and comprehensive knowledge of city departments.

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Story 6: Old Buckhead Days Raises Record Amount

In April, Old Buckhead Days in the Town of Buckhead achieved a record fundraising amount, nearly $9,000, marking their most successful event to date. The festival and 5K race, which began as part of Buckhead's centennial celebration, featured close to 50 vendors and garnered substantial revenue through sponsorships prominently displayed on event shirts. Erin Miller, a committee member, highlighted the event's growth from previous years, underscoring increased community engagement and financial support. The 5K race, known as The Hill 5K, attracted 61 participants, with 67-year-old Ken Youngers of Tucker winning with a time of 19:21. Looking ahead, Miller encouraged continued community participation and support for future Old Buckhead Days festivals.

Story 7: 2024 Pigs and Peaches BBQ Festival

Kennesaw Parks & Recreation unveiled the headliners for the 2024 Pigs & Peaches BBQ Festival, presented by Williams Elleby Howard & Easter. Boy Named Banjo will perform on August 16, followed by Channing Wilson on August 17 at the Luzianne Tea Main Stage. The festival also announced a partnership with Victory Brewing Company, offering an immersive experience at the Monkey’s Neon Jungle with beer flights, Monkey slushies, and games like cornhole and foosball. Now in its 23rd year, the festival attracts 65,000 attendees annually, featuring over 100 vendors, live entertainment, a Kansas City Barbeque Society competition, and various cooking contests with over $16,000 in prizes. For more details, visit or contact Kennesaw Parks & Recreation at 770-422-9714.

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These are the most prevalent disabilities in Georgia - The Community Podcast for Rockdale, Newton and Morgan Counties (2024)
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