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THE DAILY MORNING WASHINGTON TUESDAY MAY 3 1870 dry goods I TUESDAY AY 8 1870 or Sunday Edition ONE PRICE ONLY IN PLAIN IGURES CONCERTS my3 tf CONCERT IN AID or SATPBPAY EVENING MAY 7 1B70 OR SALE NEW SPRING GOODS ROM AUCTION LECTURES SHUSTER A BRO INSTRUCTION ANCY GOODS ANCY AND STRAW GOODS AT VERY SUPERIOR TABLE LINEN BOARDING or the best quality of ancy Goods at lowest prices go to THE VERY BEST GRADES MERCHANT TAILORS PERSONAL HENRY COOPER CO WANTED MERCHANT TAILORS AND SUMMER RESORTS GARDENING BOOTS AND SHOES BOOTS AND SHOES STOVES DINING ROOMS The sale of tickets will commence on TUESDAY MORNING May 3 at Metzerott Co Music Store and at the office of the Arlington Tickets of admission ONE DOLLAR reserved my3 5t EXTRA SIZE AND QUALITY DAMASK TABLE CLOTHS AND NAPKINS All goods marked in Plain igures at the Low est Cash Price One Price Only No Deviation Allowed SHUSTER A BRO CHEAP GOODS ROM AUCTION Japanese Cloth from 30 cents up Poplins from $1 up Black Silks from $1 up Colored Silks from Si 50 up Satins from 82 up Cassimeres from 50 cents up Irish Linens from 25 cents up English Grenadines from 10 cents up No 801 Market Space Corner et Eighth Street AT ITS OLD TRICKS Mayor Bowen has resolutely and per sistently opposed the encroachments of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Com pany upon our citizens and the Chron icle has as steadily opposed the iniqui ties of the same corporation It was but a day or two since that a monstrous scheme of this company providing for the sueing out by the said company of writs of error from the District Supreme Court was defeated in the House (after having been passed by the Senate) by a decisive vote esterday the represent tive (at least on this occasion) of Mr company Mr Stone of Mary land rose in the House and introduce the same bill which was finally referred to the Judiciary Committee The House has once refused to pass this bill and we see no good reason why it should not reject it as many times as it may be offered The motive is so plain' that no member can have any ex cuse for aiding its passage Us'" THE RICHMOND SUERERS 919 Pennsylvania avenue Between Ninth ana Tenth streets Have just opened an elegant assortment of NEW SPRING GOODS Purchased at the recent large auction sales in New York at very low prices "comprising ELEGANT BLACK SILKS NEAT CHECK SILKS INE QUALITY GRAY STRIPED AND CHECK SILKS IN GREAT VARIETY White Piques at all prices Light colored Mohairs for traveling suits Gray and other colored Japonise Poplins White and colored Linens for suits Elegant rench Organdies rench Printed Jaconets Nainsook Muslins Victoria Lawns ine Mull Muslins White rench Muslins Plaid and Striped Muslins Soft inish Cambrics Green Blue and Buff Piques Also on hand a complete stock of MOURNING GOODS 862000 19500 20500 5500 i 6500 11500 12000 6500 9000 5400 10400 4000 12800 4800 9500 23400 6000 14500 20000 OR RENT SHUSTER BRO 919 Pennsylvania avenue TWO IRST CLASS INSURANCE SOLICITORS to work In the District of Columbia for a strictly first class Life Insurance Company Also a competent man to act as General Agent for a New York Com pany A liberal compensation Address Lock Box 152 aplO 919 Pennsylvania avenue mh5 tf Between Ninth and Tenth streets Richardson IRISH LINENS in all qualities LINEN SHEETINGS all widths Colored WINE CLOTHSAND NAPKINS TOWELINGS of every grade Striped and igured SHIRTING LINENS LINEN BOSOMS all prices ALSO A complete assortment of WHITE and UN BLEACHED HOSIERY for Ladies Gents and Children Hatison Miss Media Jackson Mrs Ami Eliza Jackson William A Miller Benjamin Mack Ramsburg Jacob Seaton Philip Van leet Whaland Daniel Indefinite Johnson Emily No 1 Seaton George Tiikocun White Mrs Wheaton Co Heury A splendid assortment of straw and light col ored felt hats black silk and all the novelties of the season have just been received by Stine metz 1237 Pa ave second door from 13th st where gentlemen who desire to secure the latest fashions should not fail to call ine Percale shirts fast colors made expressly for me A large assortment of patterns and sizes Price $2 50 each George Henning No 410 7th st northwest SAMPLE PARLOIW JOHN WANAMAKfR 1416 Pennsylvania Avenue Opposite i INEST CLOTHING MADE TO ORDER Respectfully WILLIAM DE MOTT ap6 tf IXAMA LACE POINTS BLACK CANVAS GRENADINES LYONS BLACK SILK GRENADINES CHEAP BLACK LINING SILKS BLACK GRENADINE SHAWLS WHITE GRENADINE SHAWLS WHITE RENCH PIQUES CHEAP CHECK SILKS BLACK SILKS And other goods which we have just purchased at auction very cheap PRODUCED NOW IN STORE 4S Black Silks all grades and widths 4a Colored Dress Silks and all other Dress Goods and Dresses AS Shawls Wrappings Scarfs Parasols Kid Gloves Embroideries White Goods 43 Black Mohairs Alpacas Grenadines Her nanis Crapes and all other kinds of Black and Mourning Goods of the best grades produced constantly on hand AS Ginghams Chintzes Percales White Goods lannels 43 All kinds of linens and other Dry Goods adapted for the general and special wants of fami lies and housekeepers 43 Cheviots Coatings Cloths Cassimeres Vestings Ducks Drills of reliable colors and grades for men youths and boys tSf' Black and White Llama Lace Points Jack ets Our Northern and Eastern correspondents send us new supplies daily All orders receive prompt and careful atten tion and parcels properly packed for shipment free of charge A3 Sojourners and strangers will inspect oitr stocK at their pleasure 43 ONE PRICE ONLY marked in plain figures PERRY BROTHER Pennsylvania avenue and Ninth street (Establlshea 1840) Carpets Mattings Oil cloths Curtains Rugs upper floors ap30 sththS5t MASONIC TEMPLE 907 STREET Have now completed their Spring stock including all the latest novelties imported direct from the London market We have also the honor to introduce the new MONOGRAM BUTTONS WELCH MARGET SON SCARS I GLOVES aplO 91Q EAST CAPITOL STREET OJLa Between Third and Nicely fur nished ROOMS with BOARD at moderate prices ap22 or rent or a fine BRICK RESIDENCE No 1414 Ninth street northwest containing nine rooms beside bath room and summer kitchen Gas and water In the house Only twTo squares from the street cars Apply to TENNEY At the Banking house of Cooke Co ap29 or for one half its value in cash a BAR and DINING ROOM complete as the proprietor is about to change business Apply to MR JOHN GROCER No lOo Pennsylvania ave ap30 3t PAY ACCOUNT VA CASHED BY SQUIER Money Broker No 1420 street near the United States Treas ury fell KTEW GOODS RECEIVED EVERY JLn day at or a a MAGNIICENT SUBURBAN RESIDENCE about 35 acres of well located land improved bv an immense amount of choice fruits and flowersy every necessary outbuilding fine woods and stream land under a high state of cultivation distance only one mile from Capitol Building Price only $12000 is the loveliest spot in the Dis trict or particulars address Box 120 Washing ton Will exchange for city property myl Of the very best quality comprising the finest as sortment of BLACK GRENADINES to be found in this market and as cheap as they can be pur chased in New York at retail One price only No deviation allowed SHUSTER A BRO 919 Pennsylvania avenue tf Between Ninth and Tenth streets Gold closed in New York yesterday at Don Blaine Speaker of the House of Representatives has declined to be a candidate for United States Sen ator from Maine in place of Hon Lot Morrill whose term of service ex pires March 3 1871 ANew York paper says money is abundant in the metropolis and that Southern and estem merchants throng the hotels having come to the city for the purpose of buying largely It there fore thinks the prospect for general trade very encouraging In the House yesterday Mr Schenck introduced a joint resolution which was passed without division declaring the 30th of May being the day appointed and accustomed to be used for the deco ration of the graves of soldiers who diedin war in defense of the Union against rebellion a public holiday to be forever observed as such by the people of the States I 200 Pieces new Calico from 64 cents up 50 20 15 20 20 50 50 30 150 Dozen Parasols from 81 25 up 75 Pieces Alpacas from 25 cents up With a complete stock of Domestic Goods Gloves Hosiery based on the present LOW PRICE GOLD TAYLOR CO No 705 Center Market Space 1WC or the furniture AND LEASE of a HOUSE of more than twenty rooms in the best location in the city The house is full of the best paying boarders The present owner of the furniture is called to the country by important business Address with full name and residence Box 537 City ap22 or a great bargain valuable BUILDING LOTS or 30000 feet of Ground located in the northwestern part of the city where property is rapidly enhancing in value Will exchange for Southern or Western Land STARR CO Northeast corner New York avenue and ifteenth street StarRep ap20 QTpr NINTH OR JL rent urnished Rooms single or en suite for gentlemen fell A EL THE LATEST NOVELTIES XjL received as soon as they appear in the North ern market at PLANTS OR LOWER GARDENS VERBENAS PETUNIAS SCARLET GE RANIUMS HELIOTROPES PANSIES PHLOX and other plants cheap in quantities or sale by DAVID SAUNDERS my3 6t Corner of Third and sts northwest Choice amily lour and all other grades by the barrel or thousands Very low Galt co Indiana avenue and irst street lm Near Balt and Ohio Railroad Depot AMUsem*nTS A smart active intelligent Business Man wanted in a business already established Little capital needed Object to extend and push an unlimited trade 'None need apply unless willing to attend office business or travel and take an active part in the prosperity of the enterprise There seems to be a preconcerted plan to prevent the holding of any meet ing by the friends of Mayor Bowen Last night a Bowen mass meeting in the Seventh Ward was forced )to ad journ owing to a disturbance created by a few disorderly persons Similar occur rences have taken place recently in other wards ree speech is a sacred right and here in the national capital a Re publican city above all other places should the exercise of this right be en joyed We hope we shall not hear of a repetition of the offense Among the pyramidical chargesmade against the patriot the colored friend and the Christian feoldier General 0 Howard is one related by the ashington correspond entof the United Irishman who states that Gen Howard receives the pay of major general Superintendent of theBareau of Refugees reedmen and Abandoned Lands and also as Superintendent of Colored Schools General Howard does not draw any other pay than that of a brigadier general in the regular army which covers the pay for all the other duties mentioned by It is due tlw public far and wide tllat such false statements be corrected The Chicago Republican is severe on its cotemporary the Tribune papers of like ilk It says ree trade journals like the Chicago Tri bune the Cincinnati Gazette the St Louis Democrat and so on with the infusion of free trade Democracy which the Republican party gained in the North from the patriot ism of the war will slough off and become avowedly Democratic Already is the Tri bune of this eity trimming its sails for that desertion That sheet is looking forward to the time when it will supplant the Times as the great free trade organ of the Democratic party in the Northwest To day it is half friend half foe to the Republican or ganization and inflicts more stabs than it supplies defenses An enemy at heart it ac complishes far more harm than it does good spy in the Republican camp it furnishes aid and comfort to the enemy Some time since a resolution passed the House by a vote of 109 to appro priating the sum of $20000 to be ex pended under the direction of Sister Xavier in consideration of the ''services rendered by the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy of Charleston South Carolina to sick and wounded Union officers and soldiers while the said city was under bombardment during the war in re building the Orphan Asylum in said city The Senate committee to whom the resolution was referred fcave re ported favorably and there seeips to be no doubt that it will pass that body Time is valuable to these good Sisters however who would be deeply grateful if speedy action could be taken by the Senate upon the resolution I POTOMAC AQUEDUCT We are glad to learn that there is a prospect of an appropriation toward fin ishing what remains to be done upon that grand national the Potomac Aqueduct After expending about three millions of dollars upon what is certainly the grandest artificial subterranean river ofi this continent and one of the grandest in the world in the valley of an unsur passed river scenery reaching to the Great alls of the Potomac it is surely Impolitic to limit its capacity for useful ness and ornamentation by withholding the little that remains to be done to that end The health of the city would be much promoted if the small expense of constructing two more large mains into it from the distributing reservoir We would like to have Con gress make a law to that effect charging the expense of One upon the Government and the other upon the city Certainly the latter should bear spine expense in the matter since that it receives a ebn siderable income from the Aqueduct as it is Were two morqlarge mains or conduits brought into tie city from the short distance of the distributing reser Three very desirable ROOMS with BOARD on reasonable terms at 468 street between our and a half and Sixth streets en suite or single ap28 NEW SPRING DRY GOODS JUST received A NEW IRON CLAD A late number of the Chicago Tribune contains an elaborate review and eulogy of Senator speech on the Georgia bill The speech is described as being logical eloquent and patriotic In answering the arguments of Senators Howard Drake Stewart Thayer Mor ton and Sumner the Tribune represents Mr Trumbull as like an iron clad frigate in the midst of a meager assemblage of dug Galling these Senators is good But what if this iinmense clad carries only wooden guns and shows no colors But the article seems mainly intended as a deliberate assault upon Senator Morton toward whom it employs lan guage coarse personal and almost brutal and after that perpetrates a series of blunders which prove that it had not read the debate and did not )know how Senators voted It says speech was a raw attempt to keep a State out of the Union by exhibiting the raw head and bloody bones of the late whereas the record will that Mr Morton spoke and voted for the immediate admission of Georgia and opposed the Pomeroy amendment by which the State was put back under military government for an indefinite period while on the other hand Mr Trumbull the iron clad voted for the Pome roy amendment and to keep the State out although after the amendment had been adopted he finally voted against the bill when he knew the vote would be thrown away Upon this most unhappy blunder as to the facts is predicated a full blown eulogy upon the iron and a bitter assault upon Mr 'Morton The is subsequently de scribed as running into Mr Sumner and sinking him instantly and afterward running down successively Mr Drake Mr Thayer and other that came in its or rent a richly and NEWLY URNISHED SUITE ROOMS also a SINGLE ROOM at 907 Thirteenth street opposite ranklin Square TABLE BOARD ap28 6t OR TWO NEW AND ELE GANT RESIDENCES on Seventeenth street between I and streets northwest opposite the new square The houses contain thirteen rooms each are thoroughly built and handsomely finished throughout and contain all modern improvements Inquire of JOSEPH KELLEY Real Estate Agent No 902 Eighth street northwest near I street or to the owner WILLIAM PHILIP 26 Louisiana avenue fe26 tf QINGING ACADEMY AT ASSEMBLY ROOMS street between Ninth and Tenth streets PROESSOR COLLIERE At the request of many of his patrons wlft com mence a course of instruction in SINGING for the spring season on MONDAY May 9 1870 Days of MONDAYS WEDNESDAYS and RIDAYS Classes for from 10 to 11 A classes in the rudiments for misses and masters from 430 to 580 classes for gen tlemen from 6 to 7 815 fora quarter of twenty lessons quar ter commencing MONDAY' May 9 1870 my3 OR EITHER BY THE year or for the summer months a UR NISHED HOUSE with ifteen Acres of Land being the country seat of Captain A Parker United States navy in Howard county near the Relav House and adjoining the grounds of Judge Dobbin II Latrobe Randolph Latimer and Thomas Donaldson Esqs or further informa tion apply to THOMAS DONALDSON 38 St Paul street upstairs Baltimore tuth3w A DESIRABLE SUMMER RESORT subscriber begs leave to inform his former patrons and the public generally that he has resumed possession of the WARREN GREEN HOTEL Warrenton auquier county Va since which its capacity for accommodating boarders has been greatly improved and enlarged or years past this has been a favorite resort for Invalids as well as persons who desire to spend their summers In a most delightful atmosphere away from the heat and malaria of crowded cities Its proximity to the capital of the nation the un surpassed salubrity of its climate Its picturesque and romantic scenery together with the agreeable society of the town and neighborhood present at tractions unequaled by any place in Piedmont Va Persons leaving Washington' or Baltimore reach Warrenton by late breakfast Hacks belonging to the house and attentive servants always at the depot to wait upon guests REXEY Proprietor Jno Roberts Superintendent my3 2m SHIRTS I SHIRTS! SHIRTS! MRS SMITH (formerly Mrs A Kline) has again resumed business at 512 Ninth streetopposite the Chronicle office my3 6t IVTEMBERS CONGRESS WHO JJ are not pleasantly situated for warm weather can obtain elegantly furnished ROOMS on first and second floors with first class BOARD by applying at 810 (old number 431) Twelfth street between and New York avenue my2 6t The most extensive assort ment of all kinds of ancy and Millinery Goods Real Laces Handsome Roman and Bro cade Sashes ever offered in this market now in store at low prices at or an elegant and desirable SUIT ROOMS on first floor: also another Suit above Gas bath room and water closets in the house Apply at No 448 Thir teenth street east side between and streets west de7 Grover and cele brated Elastic Stitch amily Sewing Ma chines always on hand at 801 Market Space corner of Eighth Street myl An experienced caterer having taken the DINING ROOMS at No 1103 street between Eleventh and Twelfth is prepared to furnish MEALS in the best style and quality myl 3t A GENTLEMAN STANDING and settled age conversant with the conti nental languages and of extensive acquaintance and connections in Europe is open to an engage ment to accompany a party to Europe as conduc tor or manager or to fake charge of young per sons Address EUROPE Chronicle office myl 6t THE TRUE CONDITION THE CITY I COLLECTOR CON TRADICTORY STATEMENTS i Having received many inquiries as to the finances of Washington we recently requested the Mayor to furnish iis with a statement of the indebtedness of the Corporation and he has responded to our request with the following exhibit The following statement exhibits the amount of indebtedness ef the Corporation of Washington as nearly as it can be ascer tained from all the data procurable at the time Marcn i iijv Dne contractors for flag footways cross ings Due contractors for grading and graveling streets Due for school furniture books Due for heating apparatus ranklin school hiii1dinr Due for paving around ranklin school IHll 111 111 Due for bridges including work on street bridge Due for water pipes fire plugs and laying pipes Due for improvements in markets and en gine house Due for rent and repair of school rooms Due for fuel $2 600 due apothecaries $2800 Due for school houses now in course of erection Duefor printing (estimated) Due for Metropolitan police Due on account of sewers Due Corporation laborers i Due for judgments Due ire Department Due gas and lamps Due for claims not enumerated in the above Total indebtedness 263800 The sums named in several cases above are believed to be in no excess of the actual amount due at all events the aggregate will cover all outstanding liabilities except the overdraft at the Due the Corporation or water rents collectable the present fiscal year $35000 ror corporation licenses coueciuuie me present fiscal year or canal and wharf rents collectable the present fiscal year rom the United States for avenue cross ings or taxes uncollected March 1 1670 Great bargain in lease AND URNITURE of the largest BOARD ING HOUSE in this city doing a good business About $2000 cash required Location central and near the Avenue Address LENOX this office ap20 tf A DESIRABLE SUITE HAND somely furnished ROOMS on first floor for rent at No 507 Sixth street opposite Senator residence Private table if desired my2 3t or pleasant office ROOMS and a basem*nt STORE at 476 Seventh street (old number) opposite the Past Office Inquire of BRITTON GRAY No 7 May Building myl 3t OR THE IRST CLASS furnished residence Including carriage house and fine stable all modern improvements sit uated corner of and Thirteenth streets or particulars apply to LINDSAY 37 West Thirtieth street New York ap5 iTTOR RENT ELEGANTLY UR 4 1 nished and very cool ROOMS In a private 'bouse suitable for a member of Congress or two (gentlemen Bath room gas Terms mod erate 1115 street between Eleventh and Twelfth my3 jyjETZEROTT HALL TUESDAY EVENING MAY 8 Doors open at 730 REE PRIVATE LECTURE TO AND SINGLE MEN ON A THEME VITAL IMPORTANCE By DR PAYNE Demonstrator of Anatomy and Physiology Now ready at the St James Hotel to make pro fessional phrenological and physiological exami nations myl Stu2t We have just received from all the LEADING MANUACTURERS A WELL ASSORTED SPRING STOCK OR I ADIES GENTH MISSES and CHILDREN BURNS CO 903 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Adjoining Cochran Co Hat Store an29 voir they would siipply a great number of fountains whose jets would reach a lofty height We remember very well when General Meigs first opened a jet at the Capitol grounds It rose above fifty feet in height although the source of supply of water then was the Powder Mill branch receiving reservoir some half a dozen miles hence It was stated that the jets in Washington would beeighty feet when the Aqueduct was completed to the Great alls of the Po tomac If it be asked why are the jets so trifling now the afiswer is that the water is diverted for manufacturing or me chanical purposes and much of it lost by wastefulness in its Kir misuse rather If there were pipes or mains to bring in the vast subterranean river of water that comes thence to the edge of Georgetown there might be scores of grand fountains in the city that would diffuse freshness coolness and health fulness literally constituting a city of fountains that would be the admiration of all men The immediate and pressing needs of legislation concerning the Aqueduct are: irst to interdict in heavy penalties its use for mechanical purposes other than for those of the Government second to deepen the distributing reservoir and construct a slope wall within it so that the water shall never be muddy and third to finish the brick archway in the ledge near the receiving reservoir which work is half done already It was sup posed when the ledge was pierced for the conduit that its texture was tough enough not to cave in It has not so proved Some three hundred feet of theleast expensive part of the work remains to be done or sale very low the largest and best collection of rench English and American Perpetual Blooming Roses Mag nolias Climbing Plants A JARDIN lorist apl7 lm Connecticut avenue and street urnished rooms front and back large and small and communicating Table Board by the day week or month Baths hot and cold in the house Location best in the city Terms reasonable Apply at 495 Seven teenth street near Wax Department between and TUESDAY EVENING MAY 3 Th distinguished Actress MRS BOWERS And the popular young Actor Mr MoCOLLOM In the great Historical Play ot ELIZABETH QUEEN ENGLAND 3500 60000 500000 611000 Beside the above there is to lie realized a considerable sum estimated at 10000 from fines and penalties Ten Year Bonds Issued to 3farch 4 1870 1048 bonds of $50 denomination 52400 1 2(6 bonds of 8100 denomination 120 600 SCO bonds of $500 denomination 150000 125 bonds of $1000 denomination 125 (XX) Total amount 448000 Of the $500 (XX) uncollected it is believed that at least 1350000 will be realized before tlie end of the fiscal year June 30 1870 Bowen Mayor The following letter is from Collector Boswell in reply to a letter of inquiry from the Mayor Office West Wing City Hall Washington March 3 1870 Sir I am clearly of the opinion that the amount of taxes uncollected on the books of the Corporation up to this date will amount to the sum of and tills opinion is formed from the knowledge of the books in this department Very respectfully yours A Boswell Collector Hon Bowen Mayor Since March 3 1870 there has been deposited in the bank by the Collector the sum of $92529 32 including special taxes and every other item of revenue Estimating one half for special taxes there still remains of the regular assessment according to own statement not less than $450000 uncollected It should be borne in mind that Mr Boswell furnished the above statement for the irst National Bank to show the healthy condition of the Corporation finances at a time When he was not as anxious to serve a particular purpose as now and when he had no in ducement to deviate from the truth If the statement made by Mr Boswell in the Second Ward that $150000 only remain uncollected be true what has become of the remaining $450000? The public desire an explanation urnished rooms for gen tlemen ONLY single or en suite with all the conveniences at No 315 Ninth street no9 CHORAL QWEN PUGH Under the Owen 1413 Penns yIvanitAveune NEW STYLES SPRING GOODS? We respectfully invite our friends and patrons as well as the public to examine our new 'stock of SPRIN GOODS arriving daily One of the mem bers of this firm is uow New York purchasing: new stock ap7 thstiilin rpHIS MEANS BUSINESS BAR CORNER SEVENTH AND STREETS hereby desires to inform his friends and the public that he is now receiving NEW GOODS every day from his manufacturing establishment ip Balti more SUPERIOR IN STYLE AND LESS IN PRICE than any house in the District can afford to offer 43 Especial attention paid to ORDERED WORK at I CLOTHING ESTABLISHMENT corner of Seventh and streets ap7 Washington gTOVES STOVES I STOVES III 032 HARROVER 032 532 SEVENTH STREET ive doors above Pennsylvania avenue All the new and improved styles and patterns In Cooking Parlor and Heating Stoves Grates and Heaters and a general assortment of House furnishing goods low for cash Repairs of (all kinds promptly attended to ly We would call the particular attention of the ladies to a large assortment of PRESS GOODS Which we have fast received from the Auction Sales of last weekin NEW YORK comprising NEAT CHECK SILKS at $1 BEAUTIUL IGURED GRkNADINES i JAPANESE POPLINS LINEN LAWNS GRAY GOODS EVERY DESCRIPTION BLACK GRENADINES 100 pieces of MOZAMBIQUES at about half price With many other goods at less than gold cost ONE PRICE ONLY IN PLAIN IGURES SHUSTER A BROTHER 919 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE i BETWEEN NINTH AND TENTH STREETS mh5 tf or a pleasant well furnished ROOM with water and gas at No 314 street myl 3t NO RECEPTION I In consequence of the death of Miss Eva Dahlgren daughter of Admiral DahlgrenweJiave been requested to state that the invi tions for the reception at his house on the instant are recalled Pennsylvanians resident or sojourning here who desire to obtain the latest and most important political and miscellaneous news of their State will find the Philadelphia Press at John book stationery and peri odical store opposite the City Post Office The Press has a large circulation in every section of Pennsylvania and possesseslun surpassed facilities for securing all the im portant news of the State and especially of the city of Philadelphia while its Washington correspondence is of unusual interest t6 all Pennsylvanians REPUBLICANS' THE ITH WARD ATTENTION! I It is the solemn duty of everylRe publican voter in Washington to at tend to the registration The judges of election will be in session Hom 3 till 7 to day at the school house corner of Third and A streets southeast and every Republican in the ifth Ward should be sure to register his name for the purpose of voting at the municipal election in June If any Republican who has registered knows of any Republican in the ward whohas neglected to perform that duty he should prevail upon him to appear before the board to day and have his name placed on the list of qualified voters Every good Republicah realizes thejfact that much depends on a complete regis tration Great interests will be at stake at the election in June but victory i easy if we do our duty The Boardwill remain in session in the ifth 'VVard until riday at 7 AL at which time the lists will be closed It is possi ble however that the Board mayclose its session before riday therefore let nb Republican delay in registering Delays are dangerous Republicans SEE TO IT THAT ALL OUR RIENDS in the ifth Ward register MATINEE SATUIl'OAYAT TWO In rehearsal the new Plays of REAPING THE TEMPEST and I ROU ROU YpHE WONDERUL SUMMER A COOK STOVE isnow on exhibition in the show window at 465 Pennsylvania avenue This Stove burns without smoke smell or soot will not heat your house can stand on your kitchen table and do your cooking at a cost of one cent per hour Broiling baking done to perfec tion Call and see it Rights for sale it or sale one of the best Routes of the Dally and Sunday Chron icle Apply at this Office mhl3 MR REMINGTON AIRLAMB has the pleasure of announcing TWO GRAND CONCERTS AT THE MASONIC TEMPLE On Wednesday and riday Evenings May 4 and 6 When selections from his successful new opera Will be given by the principal artists in the origi nal cast and others as follows: MRS REMINGTON AIRLAMB the amateur Prima Donna MR MAX RIEDMAN of Philadelphia Tenore MR GILCHRIST of Philadelphia Bari tone MR BECKETT of New York Basso Can tante MR GEO WM WALTER Accompaniest Tickets One dollar Seats secured by subscrip tion without extra charge at Music Store 937 Pennsylvania avenue ap29 law should definitely determine the rights of literal property and give a party pay ing for advance sheets of a book the ex elusive right to publish Tlie advantages of the international 1 copyright would be by no means one sided American authors if successfulmay count on a considerable demand for their productions in Great Britain They sjifould be ableto enforce a claim to compensation for the publication and sale of their works in Great Britain Our present Administration is receiv ing the weU deserved commendation of the people for the vigilance with which it is subserving the financial interests of the country While it is by its policy effectually promoting the prosperity of the agricultural manufacturing and commercial interests of the nation let it nbt be unmindful of the wants of the literary laborer By giving him protec tion' in the results of his intellectual toil tlie Government will incur the gratitude of a Class which in proportion to its numbers is most influential the existing school law providing for the) 1 free education of all the children without distinction kif color and 'placing the) colored schools upon the same! basis with the white schools In the Senate he has continued tplmamfest the Same lively interest educational progress in the District As a member of District Committee he has seconded all the ef forts of the chairman Mr Hamlin for itlje benefit of Washington Education in this District has fortu nately had the supervision of a Board of Trustees consisting of intelligent and public epirited men Tn order that the schools in their organization and grad ing might embody the best results of ex perience elsewhere they authorized Mr Richards the Superintendent to visit various Northern cities and learn by personal observation the workings of their systems of common schools After some weeks spent in this way in which he visited the school of Philadelphia New York Boston Cleveland Cincin nati and other cities he prepared a course of study and system of grading for the schools of Washington which if adopted and effectually carried out would make them inferior to none in the Union This improvement together with certain changes provided for in legislation now pending before Congress will mark another step in the progress which has gone on with little interrup tion for several years past Harmony and cooperation among all concerned will speedily make our schools in every particular what they should be THE ELECTION CASE MR NEWSHAM There now remain two contested election cases from Louisiana to be dis posed of by the House Unless they are decided in favor of the Republican claimants the rebels of that State will take the action of the House as an in dorsem*nt of all their atrocities and outrages Congress should frown down rioting and murder and by its action in favor of the loyal contestants secure the peaceable use of the ballot in Louis iana By such a course only can the fiendish practices of the rebels be stopped and they be taught the import ant lesson that the wanton taking of life at an election shall not insure suc cess to the murderers By no other pro cess so effectually will the rebels learn that reconstruction means peace and not war In the case of the 4th district from Louisiana Newsham vs Ryan the com mittee after careful investigation have reported in favor of Mr Newsham and against Mr Ryan at the same time de ciding the latter ineligible There is little doubt that the House will sustain the report of the committee This case is substantially the same as that of Mr Sheldon tfhich was decided in his favor weeks ago In the report a major ity of all the parishes are counted a mi nority being rejected on various legal grounds The parishes counted com prise two thirds of all the territory in the district and a population of 91491 against 40987 contained in the rejected parishes In reporting in favor of Mr Newsham the committee acted upon a principle which is eminently just the application of which will strongly tend to secure peace and order in future elections While it may be admitted that when the prevalence of violence is general in a district the election should be held in valid yet it is consonant with good law and sound logic to hold that when the disorders are local or partial the election is valid for so much as is in a state of peace especially as in the case of Mr Newsham when peace and order pre vail throughout the larger part of the district both in population and extent of territory Any other rule would enable a few bad men in any locality to carry an election to suit themselves or to defeat it altogether This be a reign of anarchy and in order that it 1 may not be perpetuated and extended over a wider region of country it should be promptly put down by the House in their decision of the pending case T70R A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE twelve rooms cellars stable and carriage house on street between Seventeenth and Eighteenth near the War and Navy DepSrtnients Apply next door No 1735 my3 3t PLEASANT URNISHED AND unfurnished ROOMS with BOARD 1000 corner of and Tenth streets my3 It OPERA HOUSE SIX NIGHTS ONLY Commencing MONDAY MAY 2 1870 RETURN THE AVORITES Reappearance of Miss LAURA KEENE AND DRAMATIC COMPANY irst production in this citv of Laura own version of thS LATEST PARISIAN SENSA TION entitled MRS PENSION lu the House yesterday a bill intro duced by Mr Dickey of Pennsylvania was passed directing the Secretary of the Interior to place the name of Mary Lin coln widow of Abraham Lincoln late President of the United States on the pension roll and to allow and pay her a pension at the rate of $3000 per annum from and after the passage of the act We hope that the Senate will not be slow' in acting upon this bill Mrs Lincoln is living in a most humble manner in rankfort Germany lonely and broken hearted Her means will not allow her the attendance of a ser vant and her health has seriously suf fered owing to the many privations she has had to endure This is the becom ing in which the widow of our martyred President is allowed to live Why should Mrs Lincoln be less worthy of aid than Mrs Stanton and a host of others whose claims are unhesitatingly granted? Mrs Lee has been voted by the Trustees of Washington (Va) College a house and an annuity of three thousand dollars in the event of the death of General Lee If Congress fails to aid Mrs Lincoln let her friends raise a private subscription that will place her beyond want that we may no longer be held up to the ridicule and scorn of foreign nations INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT It is reported that Minister Thornton has been empowered by his Government to conclude a' copyright treaty with the United States which both parties re gard as This is not how ever a very important announcement since England has long held herself in readiness to make a treaty with us pro viding for international copyright As far back as 1838 Parliament passed a law securing to authors the benefits of copy rights in such countries as would assent to reciprocity rance Prussia Saxony and some other countries acceded to the proposition but the United States held out against it Under Mr administration as Secretary of State in 1854 a treaty was agreed uponbut failed to receive the sanction of the Senate The time and the circ*mstances now seem favorable for securing such an object Our Secretary of State is a gen tleman of culture and of liberal views Our Minister to England is himself a popular author Our Senate contains many men of fine literary attainments) some of whom are themselves successful authors They can not fail to see the great benefits which international copy right would confer upon the authors and the readers of both countries Such a treaty certainly would not now fail for lack of ratification by the Senate It is a curious fact that it is only in literature which is justly regarded as the best exponent of the progress of the age that anything which is ustly denomi nated piracy is tolerated Reputable publishers may seize upon literary prop erty not their own and use it for their own advantage without so much as say ing to the owner your It is only when rival publishers get to quarrel ing among themselves over some piece of stolen literary property that they suffer any unpleasant consequences their wrongdoing Certain large houses in New York Boston and Philadelphia by their unseemly squabbles over the productions of popular English authors have probably involved themselves in losses It is their interest as well as tlitit of authors that an international With the same Powerful least as at its original representation at LAURA PHILADETPHIA NEW SCENERY BY MR 8 SCHELL Seats secured six days In advance at MUSIC STORE myi tfl 0DD IIALL TO NIGHT MAC HIBERNICON Representing a Tour in Ireland All the most beautiful Scenery of Ireland presented on 10000 feet of canvas representing the principal Cities Public Buildings Lonely Lakes Natural Curiosi ties Mr JERRY COHAN as Barnev the Guide MARIE MAC EVOY MISS KATE HAL PINE and MR CHARLES MAC EVOY will ap pear at each representation Admission 35 cents ront Seats! 50eents Children under eight years of age 25 cents Doors open at 7 15 commence at 8 15 my3 5t or a bargain in a LARGE BRICK HOUSE DESIRABLY LO CATED Situated on street north between Sixth and Seventh near the Post Office Depart ment Lot about 34 feet front by 100 feet deep to an alley The house contains sixteen rooms with Brick Stable for four horses Price low Cash payments small Long time on deferred payments A good location for a doctor lawyer or parties doing business in the central part of the city or other particulars apply to 4 HCLAGETT Agent ap29 tf 819 Market Space LOUR JOHN ORNEY EditorandPropHetor ORNEY Publisher DAILY WEEKLY AND SUNDAY CIIRONICLE SUBSCRIPTION BY MAIL OR 1870 Bare Indacements to orm Clubs far the Weekly GREAT PICTURE GKNERAX GRAST OPBKSn AS PREMIUMS or Daily Edition one copy one year 18 00 SIX UiVllvM3 VU three months 2 00 cue year 3 00 six months 1 50 three months 1 00 or Dally and Sunday editions inclusive one copy one year 10 00 or Weekly Edition one copy one year 2 00 six months 1 00 three months 50 dub Subscribers for Weekly I ive copies one year ($1 75 each copy) $475 And acopy of large engraved I Portrait of General Grant to the person 1 who forms the club Ten copies one year ($1 50 each copy) '154 And a copy of large engraved 1 portrait of General Grant to the person who forms the club All premiums sent free of postage ah subscriptions must be paid for in advance to Mail In remitting money eend postal orders in all cases where they can be procured if not have letters containing money registered by postmaster 4S Specimen numbers of either paper sent when desired 4S No attention will be paid to communications unless accompanied bv the names of the writers THE INCOME TAX A very interesting discussion sprung up in the House" some days smeein re gard to the propriety of maintaining the income tax General Schenck furnished the country with sdme facts and (figures well calculated to enlighten the people There is a persistent effort made by certain of the EasternJPress to render this tax unpopular they stigmatize it inquisitorial 'gpd pdibuaiyl it for granted that the Government can well omit its collection from this time forward i There are few if any taxes popular with those who have to pay them Long usage renders some kinds less obnox ious1 than others such as duties upon imports The tax upon whisky cigars and tobacco Is aqceptpd as proper and is borne with a degree of cheerfulness Until the necessities created by onrgreat war debt demanded its imposition we were exempt from an income' tax and it is not strange that the new tax should meet with opposition and that many should wish to be relieved from it and we would rejoice if the condition of the Treasury permitted its discontin uance or that some other objects of tax ation could be found which would be more just and at the same time furnish the needed revenue But where shall these new objects be found An increase of duties upon foreign products is as bitterly assailed as is the income tax By the proposed new tariff it is ex pected that there will be a falling off in the revenue from that source Will those who are opposed to the in come tax tell us from that source we are to derive the amount which would be lost to the Treasury by the omission to impose that tax Where will we find new objects of taxation from which to collect thirty four millions of dollars per year and hear no complaints If we continue to meet the current expenses of the Gov ernment be it ever so economically ad ministered and pay the interest on our national debt and reduce that debt' in any perceptible amount the income tax to us is indispensable We are approaching specie payments quite as rapidly as we should desire and the business of the country is being ac commodated with a wise reference to that state of affairs The' volume of business to be done for the succeeding few years will probably be much less than for the few years past our imports will be less and there will be a large falling off in that source of revenue Can we then afford to omit the in come tax Is it wise to seriously propose to exon erate the surplus wealth of the country from taxation? Theincometaxis mainly a tax upon the surplus wealth It is true that it bears heavily upon those who have to rely upon small salaries and we are glad that members of Congress intimate an intention to remedy that injustice by exempting a larger amount from taxa tion say $1500 or $2000 But in a po litical point of view it would be impol itic for the Republican party to remove a tax from those who are taxed because of their abundance and able to pay without inconvenience and increase the taxes of those who are less able "to pay for we assume that the omission to collect the income tax will not relieve the people of that much taxation but creates a necessity to collect thirty four millions now paid by the wealthiest in the land from the mass of the people who are not so able to pay If the repeal of theincome tax would re lieve the country from the payment of thirty four millions of dollars we would say away with it but it will not the money must behadfrom some source and it is wise statesmanship to draw from that source which will be least injuriously affected by it We know of no other from the Treasury can be re plenished that will be so lightly felt as a tax upon the incomes of the wealthy The right minded wealthy men do not complain and we should not heed the croakings of others When we consider the millions of families in this country who have to support themselves upon less than one thousand dollars per year we may well inquire how the repeal of such a law would affect the minds of those people ew farmers mechanics traders or laborers are in the receipt of yearly in comes of one thousand dollars They all have quite as many taxes to pay as they from their small earnings are able to pay and they would be slow to believe that the surplus wealth of their more fortunate neighbors should be relieved from taxation while theirs at the same time is to be increased Will our Re publican friends who clamor for its re peal consider this view of the subject In polities as in war we should be slow to do that which the enemy wish us to do Let the tax be omitted aud we shall likely be reminded in 1872 that a Repub lican Congress removed the tax upon the surplus in the hands of the wealthy but refused to relieve the poor from the tax on coffee tea By the new funding bill bonds will be exempt from all income as well as is it wise to go further in ex empting the surplus wealth of the coun try from taxation? The Republican party is on trial and up to this time through all the intricate and perplexing questions it has met the just expectations of the country Questions growing out of our financial policy will henceforth engross the at tention of Congress and of the people Those officers in the Administration who are most intimately connected with financial questions are known to be in favor of an income tax at least until our financial policy shall become settled Their counsel should be most carefully considered before it is rejected' Such questions should now be considered with reference to their discussion in 1872 Shall we furnish a theme for the elo quent denunciation of Democratic stump orators? 5 It is alleged that the people demaud that this tax should cease Those who are professing to speak for the people in demanding its abolishment should they be successful may hear them speak in a language not to be misunderstood In all governments wealth has ever been able to take care of itself and the tendency has been to its aggregation in the hands of the few and an augmenta tion of its privileges and power In a republic the people should be jealous of their rights and should require the wealth of the country to bear its full proportion of the burdens imposed for its protection and security EDUCATION IN WASHINGTON Within a few years Washington has made rapid progress in every important interest but in none more than in edu cation A system of free schools' has been established which will compare fa vorably with that of the most favored citieJ of the Union It is fortunate for this District that its interests in Congress have been commit ted to the hands of men of culture who hove taken an active interest insecuring for Washington educational advantages equal to those enjoyed in the Northern cities Chief among these is Hon Patterson Senator from New Hamp shire who before he came to Congress was prominent among the educators of New England When a member of the House as chainNan of the Committee on the District of 'Columbia he drafted irst class table board can be had at the AMERICAN HOUSE corner of Seventh street and ennsylvania avenue for $20 per month tf COUNTRY BOARD GENTLE men with their wives and families or single gentlemen desirous of obtaining first class COUN TRY BOARD with benefits of close proximity to the city combined with beautiful scenery magni ficent lawns fine shade pure spring water choice fruits only twenty walk from horse cars Address Box 120 City Post Office Wash ington myl DIED MARDEN Sunday May 1 Ernest Kendall son of A and Emma Marden aged four years and twenty three days The friends of the family are invited to attend his funeral from the residence of his parents No 78 Bridge street Georgetown on Tuesday the 3d instant at 4 WARD THE OURTH 4 WARD REPUBLICAN CLUB wifi meet THIS EVENING at the City Hall for tne trans action of business A full attendance is requested PECK President Tally Secretary it NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Mass Meeting of the Republican voters of the SECOND WARD will be held at New Liberty Hall Tenth street between and streets on WEDNESDAY May 4 at 2 for the purpose of electing fifteen delegates to represent this Ward in the nominating conven tion to be held on Thursday the 5th instant pur suant to the call of the Central Executive Com mittee CHARLES PETERS President Second Ward Renublican Club my3 2t Journal ATTENTION! IBISH REPUBLI CANS The IRISH REPUBLICAN CLUB of the IRST and SECOND WARDS wifi meet TO NIGHT Tuesday May 3 at 8 at Hall 180 Pennsylvania avenue between Seven teenth and Eighteenth streets CHARLES ST CLAIR President John Pkender Secretary It LIST UNMAILABLE LET TERS IN THE CITY POST OICE TO BE ADVERTISED May 2 1870 HELD OB POSTAGE 1 Ainrett Mr Bryan CG Dobbins George AV Duval William Gordon A Galane ran Goran Hood Mrs Hannah Hill Major George RETURNED OR BETTER DIRECTION Arnoio unaries Brainard Cephas Daritz Mrs Ann Evans Mrs Goldsborough Miss Mona Holmes Bailor These letters will be retained at the chief desk city post office 48 hours If not called for within that time they will be sent to the Dead Let ter Office It EDMUNDS REGISTRATION VOTERS IN THE ITH WARD The undersigned Judges of Election of the city of Washington wifi be in session in the ITH WARD on MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNES DAY THURSDAY and RIDAY May 2 3 4 5' and 6 (unless notice be given of an abridgment of the time at the School house corner of Third and A streets southeast from 3 to 7 for the purpose of preparing a list of the qualified voters ol the ifth Ward Naturalized citizens are by law required to pro duce certificates of naturalization or certified copies or satisfactory proof of their loss AVAL A COOK THOMAS DONOHO JAMES DONALDSON CROSSMAN ROBERT BOOKER Judges of Election Washington myl 6t REMEMBER THE Concert by thechildrenof the Protestant Orphan Asylum at Lincoln Hall AVEDNESDAY EVEN ING May 11 1870 myl RATIICATION CELEBRATION Baltimore Mb May 19 1870 All militaiy political and benevolent associa tions sympathizing with the object of the celebra tion are invited to participate Organizations throughout the State District of Columbia and adjoining States proposing to participate will notify the chief marshal of the size of their dele gations whether military or otherwise and the exact hour of expected arrival in Baltimore By order: WILLIAM SAUNDERS Chief Marshal Deuglass Institute Shadrach Bbown A ap30 tf NOTICE TO COUNTY TAX PAY KX? ERS County Office Rooms National Metropolitan Bank ifteenth street Notice is hereby given that the tax of 1870 is now due and payable on which for prompt payment there will be allowed 'a discount of ten (10) per cent' during the month of April eight (8) per cent during the month of May and five (5) per cent during the month of June after which no further deduction will be made Office days: Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays ap5 lm JAMES ILLING Collector THE PUBLIC DEBT Notwithstanding Democratic reports to the contrary the public debt Avas diminished during the month of April last by the handsome sum of $11697 793 39 as is shoAvn by the public debt statement for the 1st inst These figures speak for themselves and require no explanation They prove that the Administration redeeming its pledges to pay the national debt and conduct the Government on an economical basis Demagogues may say what they may but the people' can not be deceived Such facts are eloquent orators in behalf of the policy steadily pursued by President Grant and his able and patriotic coadjutors THE AMEBIC AN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION The arrogance of the old Medical So ciety of the District of Columbia has at last culminated in an attempt to exclude from representation in the American Medical Association some of the worthi est of the medical profession in this Dis trict It is a part of a systematic effort to ignore every man Avho has had the slightest tinge of loyalty The members of the association having been warnedin time will consequently act understand in gly in this matter "CU ITEMS.

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