Who is Dustin McCurdy? All About Jennette McCurdy's Brother (2024)

Dustin McCurdy is the older brother of Jennette McCurdy, the American filmmaker, actress, songwriter, and singer. Born on August 14, 1988, he is 35 years old and has earned some recognition for himself as an actor.

Dustin is known to have had a very difficult childhood, just as his sister, Jennette, detailed some of their childhood struggles in her memoir, “I’m Glad My Mom Died.” In spite of all that he has been through, he has come to achieve so much, even though he is still mostly referenced in relation to his sister.

Summary of Dustin McCurdy’s Bio

  • Full name: Dustin McCurdy
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: August 14, 1988
  • Dustin McCurdy’s Age: 35 years old
  • Ethnicity:English, French-Canadian, Mexican ancestry
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Sexual Orientation:Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Dustin McCurdy’s Parents: Mark McCurdy (Father), Andrew (biological father), Derby McCurdy (mother)
  • Siblings:Jennette McCurdy, Scott McCurdy, and Marcus McCurdy
  • Famous for: Being the brother ofJennette McCurdy

How Old Is Dustin McCurdy?

Dustin was born on August 14, 1988, in Los Angeles, California, United States, which means he is now 35 years old. Of American nationality and white ethnicity, he was birthed and raised by his parents, Mark McCurdy and Derby McCurdy. Although Mark has always stood in as his father, it is said that his biological father is a man known as Andrew, who his mother had an affair with for seven years.

Dustin childhood as well as that of his three siblings were spent in a rather poor neighborhood, and was not a great one as it was filled with various forms of abuse. His younger sister, Jeannette, is seen as the one who suffered the worst of such abuses from their mother, who passed away in 2013 after battling with breast cancer for a while.

Beyond this, nothing else has been disclosed about other aspects of Dustin McCurdy’s background such as his educational pursuits.

He Had A Career As An Actor

Dustin has mostly led a private life so much that career-wise, there is no much details about him. However, he has also had a brief stint in Hollywood, where he is recognized as an actor even though he has not had many known roles to his name. His only work recorded on IMDB is an appearance on Eating Out: The Open Weekend in 2011. Dustin’s role in the production was as a resort guest.

Nothing more has been linked to him in terms of career because of how notoriously private he is, choosing to keep all aspects of his life away from the public domain. More so, he is not active on any social media, nor does his sister share much about him to give a glance into what he does.

Dustin McCurdy is Five Years Older Than His Sister

Born in 1985, Dustin is 5 years older than Jennette McCurdy, who was born Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy on June 22, 1992, and is now 32 years old. The two siblings share the same father and mother.

Even though she is the younger of the two, she is the more famous one, and it is from her fame that her brother taps, even more than for his brief acting career. Jennette started her career as an actress when she was only 8 years old, with her appearance on the American Sketch comedy series Mad TV. From then, she has come to appear in many more films and TV shows, including Between (2015 to 2018), Sam & Cat (2013 to 2014), iCarly (2007 to 2012), Breaking Dawn (2004), and Shadow Fury (2001).

The award-winning actress is also known for her career as a musician. She has four singles to her name as well as two EPs and one studio album. Other things that have added Jennette’s fame are her works as a podcaster, director, filmmaker, and writer.

Dustin Has Two More Siblings

Apart from Jennette, Dustin’s other siblings are Scott McCurdy and Marcus McCurdy. According to reports, while Dustin, Jennette, and Scott share the same biological father, Marcus’ father is different. His father is Mark, and he is the one who seems to be in the lives of the four kids.

The only very famous member of the family are Jennette and Dustin. Because of this, there is no information available about the two other siblings in the public domain. References have been made to them, however, by Jennette, who once revealed in her interview that her brothers were not very happy with the title of her memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died.

The truth about the nature of the relationship between the four siblings remained hidden until after the death of their mother, Debra, when Mark told the kids who always thought he was their biological father, that he only fathered Marcus, while the remaining were fathered by their mother’s extramarital affair with the aforementioned man named Andrew.

Dustin McCurdy is Very Supportive of His Sister, And They Have A Great Relationship

Jennette once shared an email from her mother, Debra, where she used very hurtful swear words on her (the actress). In the letter, Debra claimed that both she and Jennette’s brothers had all disowned her. However, there is no truth to this as Dustin and Jennette have always maintained a great relationship, and he supported her in releasing her book.

According to Dustin, he did not get to realize how serious the abuse his sister suffered in the hands of their mother was while they were growing up. He revealed that Every member of the family, including their dad, suffered abuse at the hands of his mum, and he was always satisfied when Debra turned and focused on Jennette since that meant the remaining members of the family would get some rest.

What he didn’t know, however, was that the abuse was really getting to his sister, and it was also eating her up. While most of the stories about Dustin’s mother is about how abusively she treated her family, it has been made known that she suffered from mental illness, and she was very instrumental in the career of Jennette, whom she signed to a talent agency when she was only a little girl.

He Has Kept His Love Life Private

Like many other things about Dustin McCurdy, his relationship status has not been made known. He has not revealed whether he is married or if he is currently dating anyone.

In the same light, it is not known if he has any kids, but his sister revealed that she enjoys being an aunt to the kids of her brothers. The statement has left many wondering if she was talking about Markus and Scott’s children only or if Dustin is also inclusive.

Who is Dustin McCurdy? All About Jennette McCurdy's Brother (2024)
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